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H2C College Bound

Making the Cut
Do You Have What Colleges Are Looking for in Applicants? 
Milan Nicole Smith with  Mike Moyer



What do colleges look for in new applicants? What criteria do they use? How much does each factor count? What can be done to stand out in a sea of other applicants?  Do you have what colleges want? Get the answers to these questions and more.

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Telling Your Story
How to Write a Great College Admissions Essay 
Milan Nicole Smith with  Alan Gelb


pic Your college admission essay is your chance to distinguish yourself in the minds of admissions officers.  In this segment we ask a college essay consultant for his best advice on writing a great essay and mistakes to avoid.
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Smart Choices
Finding The College That is Best for You 
Milan Nicole Smith with  Jay Mathews 


pic How important is getting into an Ivy League school? To what extent do your life's growth, success, and happiness depend on which college you attend? Better school equals better life, right? According to Jay Mathews, the answer is no. In his book, Harvard Schmarvard, this Harvard grad attempts to set the record straight and help you find the college that is right for you. So go grab your parents and sit down and listen to this.
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Initial  Decisions
SAT or ACT, Which College Admissions Test is Best for You?
Milan Nicole Smith with  Katie Noone 


pic The SAT and ACT are both standardized tests for college admissions in the United States.  Most colleges require and will accept either, but the tests are different and depending on your skills and talents you may find one easier than the other and score higher. This segment explains the differences and helps you choose the best for you.
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Big Changes Coming - Follow Them!



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Duncan"There are no jobs out there today for high school drop outs. There are almost no jobs if you just have a high school diploma. Some form of higher education has to be the goal of every single child in this country."

Arne Duncan  U.S.Secretary of Education

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