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Second Thoughts
Think Arming Teachers Is Crazy? Okay, But Did You Really Think?
Dorn, Thomas, Roberts, Whitby, Blair, Maiers, Blumengarten


pic Special Report: Perhaps what's most crazy about the notion of arming teachers is how most discussions on this important issue are mostly devoid of sober, thoughtful, factual examination. On one extreme, we hear rabid gun supporters encouraging schools to enter an arms race. On the other we see a visceral rejection of the idea so strong that facts are irrelevant. We asked some educators and school security experts to really stop and think about this issue and were surprised by what we found. We think you will be too.
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Ed Reality Check: 
Will Digital Textbooks Expand the Achievement Gap?   
Neeru Khosla, Kevin Carney, Justin Snider, Valerie Strauss, Bethlham Forsa 



Digital textbooks are coming, driven by demand for more effective teaching strategies, the need to reduce costs, and advances in technology. But will a move to digital textbooks create a digital divide and expand the achievement gap?

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Ed Reality Check: 
Inside the Class Warfare Debate: How Much Does Great Teaching Really Matter?   
Steven Brill, Valerie Strauss, Stephanie Banchero,  Richard  Kahlenberg, Frederick  Hess 



Steven Brill's book, Class Warfare: Inside the Fight to Fix America's Schools, has  poured fresh fuel on the  education reform debate. In this provocative segment, Steven speaks with a panel of his peers and offers a spirited defense of  some of the most provocative ideas in the book. Listen in as we go beyond the talking points on Class Warfare.

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Reality Check: 
How Do We Evaluate Teachers Without Discouraging Them?  
Jason Song, Alexander Russo, Joy Resmovits, Christina Samuels, Liz Willen 



The depth of discouragement among educators in the trenches is at an all-time high and cannot be overstated, says education historian Diane Ravitch. On this backdrop, the controversial practice of "value-added" teacher ratings is gaining popularity among education reformers, while further offending and demoralizing teachers. How do we balance the need to hold teachers accountable with the need to support and retain them? Are value-added ratings the solution?

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Reality Check: 
Why Schools Cannot  Do it Alone  
Jamie Vollmer, Jay Mathews, Valerie Strauss, Debra Viadero, David Bloomfield 



Jamie Vollmer is part of a class of education advocates who come from the business world. Though many professional educators dismiss what these increasingly influential advocates have to say, Jamie's message about how to get support for education reform has captured the interest of professional educators in high places. Listen to his key ideas followed by a reality check by our panel.

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