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On the Edge 
Is Your Child Getting a Global Education?
Betsy Landers with Peg Thomas



Whether students pursue learning through local community service or far-flung educational travel, universities appreciate applicants who take the initiative to seek out knowledge in unique ways.  This PTA Radio show will highlight some vehicles for young people to obtain those experiences and help them build their self-confidence.

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Male Enagement 
PTA to Men: MAN UP!
Betsy Landers with Eric Snow, Al Tamagni  



That's right, it's not just your mother's PTA anymore. As times change, so do family structures. Across the country more men are getting involved in their child's education. However, there is a lot more work to do to get more men engaged and the guests of this PTA Radio show are doing something about it. Listen now if you are a PTA leader looking for ways to engage men or you want to be more involved in your child's life.

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Coping With Tragedy 
Reassuring Children that They are Safe in School
Betsy Landers with Amy Smith



In the aftermath of the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, children will look to us to help them make sense of what happened. They may us ask difficult questions, ones which we may not be prepared to answer. This PTA Radio show will address some of those questions and help parents reassure our children that they are safe in school.

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Disaster Relief 
National PTA Offers $500-$5000 Grants to Help with Storm Recovery

James Martinez  with  Charlotte Arr and Betsy Landers



In the wake of one of the most devastating natural disasters in American history, National PTA® announces a grant program to assist schools impacted by Superstorm Sandy. Listen now to find out how your PTA can receive funding to rebuild your school community. Also, listen to a first-hand account of what families are going through from a parent leader on the ground in New Jersey.

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Parent Smarts 
Protecting Your Child When Driving

James Martinez  with  Deborah Hersman



About 700 children ages 12 and younger die each year as car occupants. Yet there is still a lot that parents do not know about child passenger safety. The good news is there's a lot that we as parents can do to protect our young travelers. Listen now to hear what the experts suggest that parents do and how your PTA can receive a free workshop for parents on the topic.

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