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Second Thoughts About Involving Your Child in Competivive Sports

pic Is being involved in competitive sports from an early age a good idea for children? Sports sociologist Jay Coakley tells us that, while physical activity from an early age is necessary, placing children under the age of 8 in competitive situations may be counterproductive, especially if they haven’t had adequate opportunity to play on their own.
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Understanding the Child's Mind Body Connection

pic Neurophysiologist Carla Hannaford says the whole body is an instrument of learning – that learning does not just occur through the eyes and the ears. Listen as Dr. Hannaford explains the mind/body connection and the role of movement in your children’s cognitive and brain development.
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The Importance of Being a Playful Parent

Yes the world is stressful and raising and educating a child may be serious business, but Dr Stuart Brown says that playful parents are simply equipped to do a better job with children. Listen and learn why the best parents have a strong spirit of play and why you will want to heighten yours.

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Why Rough and Tumble Play is Really Good

Rae Pica with Thomas Reed


While many teachers, schools and parents discourage rough housing, the data suggests that rough and tumble play is actually very good. Among the many unrecognized benefits is the intimacy and need for touch that it provides young boys. Thomas Reed makes a compelling case for not only encouraging rough and tumble play but for joining in frolic.

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Do Youth Sports Build Character or Just a Competitive, Do-Anything-to-Win Nature?

Dr. Jay Coakley, Richard Robbins, & Ann Hulbert

pic Steroid use, gambling on games, animal abuse, cheating, lying, adultery, assault and regular episodes of bad behavior by athletes has become a cliche. In the wake of sports scandal after sports scandal, is the notion that sports builds character simply a suburban myth? This segment brings together a distinguished panel to separate the fiction from the reality of youth sports.
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