The Courageous Conversations Series: Welcome to My Bad with Jon Harper.  The show about how and what extraordinary educators learn by sharing their mistakes. We invite you to take the MYBad leadership challenge - Mess up, fess up, and share with us on My Bad.

I Assumed I Knew My Student, So I Called Her Out: I Was Wrong

Jon Harper with Trevor Muir


I didn't like a student's behavior in my classroom. Eventually, I called her out in front of the whole class.  Later I learned.... 

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I Kept Everything Bottled Up Until It Spilled out in School

Jon Harper with Alana Stanton


I hid my pain and didn't take time to grieve my loss. I thought I was doing the right thing until one day at school my suppressed emotions unexpectedly surfaced. I realized it was time...

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I Realized Too Late That I Failed to Meet My Students' Needs

Jon Harper with Dean Shareski


I was managing my classroom according to my master plan and was pleased with the model. Regretfully, my students felt differently, but I didn't find out until it was too late.

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I Planned the Best Lesson Ever, My Students Hated It

Jon Harper with Mark Martin aka Urban Teacher


I was committed to being the best teacher possible, so I planned the best lesson ever. My students were not impressed. 

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My Ego Undermined My Ability to Learn and Grow

Jon Harper with Frederick "Rick" M. Hess


When my colleague disagreed with me, my ego took over. I missed a great opportunity to learn and grow.

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