The Courageous Conversations Series: Welcome to My Bad with Jon Harper.  The show about how and what extraordinary educators learn by sharing their mistakes. We invite you to take the MYBad leadership challenge - Mess up, fess up, and share with us on My Bad.

I Didn't Invite Teachers to the Table. It Was a Big Mistake

Jon Harper with Allyson Apsey


Our guest talks with us about school leadership, decision making and what she learned from her biggest mistake. 

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I Was A Hypocrite with a Double Standard and It Rocked My World

Jon Harper with Josh Stumpenhorst


Sometimes we have to view things from the other side of the table to see our mistakes and be ready to grow.

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3 Leadership Lessons I Learned at the School of Hard Knocks

Jon Harper with Dr. Robert Dillon


We can take courses, have mentors, and read books, but often our most impacting lessons come from making mistakes. 

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Blaming, Complaining and Blowing Off Steam Feels Good, but...

Jon Harper with David Geurin


I've found that working in education presents many frustrations and reasons to vent, complain, and blow off steam. How I found a better way to handle these emotions. 

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Sometimes Growth Is Ugly, Embarrassing, and Hurtful

Jon Harper with Don Wettrick


I learned a valuable lesson from one of my students.  The learning process was ugly, embarrassing and hurtful, but in the end, we both ended up in a better place.

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