The Courageous Conversations Series: Welcome to My Bad with Jon Harper.  The show about how and what extraordinary educators learn by sharing their mistakes. We invite you to take the MYBad leadership challenge - Mess up, fess up, and share with us on My Bad.

"I Was Rigid" - Confessions of a One-Size-Fits-All Teacher

Jon Harper with Oskar Cymerman


I said "no" to a student and later realized I should have said yes. The experience changed my teaching. 

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What I Learned When My Lesson Plan Bombed Twice

Jon Harper with Dave Burgess


The only thing more painful then having a lesson plan crash and burn is crashing and burning twice and not knowing why.  

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My Rookie Mistake: Trying to Be the Smartest Person in the Room

Jon Harper with Dr. Nathan Lang


I was young, bright and committed to being the smartest person in the room.  Life had other plans. 

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