Quick Start Guide

This quick start guide will point you in the right direction, help you get aroupostnd the site quickly and find the programs you really care about.

There are many features and tools on this web site to help you find what you want fast.


The simplest way is to select one of the three general tracks: Parents, Educators, or Directors, from the top menu.

For more targeted programing, advocates, policy makers and journalists can stay on top of what is going on across the education community by tuning into the Education 360 Channels. Simply go to the navigation menu on the left of your screen, scroll down to Education 360 and select your channel.

You can also search by selecting one of the abbreviated program
Channel Listings under channels in the left Main Menu.
Another short cut is to simply use the search box in the upper right or lower left of the page to find programs based on key words, subjects or guest names.

To quickly find what's new on BAM Radio, check the Latest Parents, Latest Teachers and Latests Directors menu in the right hand column. You can also listen newto the programs that most people found helpful by checking the Most Popular menu in the right hand column. Just click on the title to select the segment.