Understanding Impulsive Teen Behavior Teens

Dr. Regina Rei Lamourelle, Lisa Medoff, Anna Post, Nicholas Provenzano, Susan M. Heim


What looks like rude teen behavior may simply be the process of teens moving through a normal stage of development characterized by impulsivity. So what is the appropriate response? I guests offer insight and guidance.

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Three Keys to Motivating Unmotivated Teens

Fostering Passion
Dr. Regina Rei Lamourelle Kathleen Cushman, Jann Gumbiner, Jerry Blumengarten


Many parents and teachers struggle with what they believe are unmotivated teens. In this segment our guests share insights into what can be done to find the spark that can motivate a teen to find their passion and path in life.

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Preparing Your Teen for The Real World

Beyond the Test:
Regina Rei Lamourelle with Tara Michener, Patrick Larkin, Jann Gumbiner


There are a number of programs that can help prepare you teen for the real world with a focus on the practical issues of growing up. Junior Achievement is one of those programs and our guests today explain the benefit of getting your teen involved.

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Helping Teens to Understand and Manage Their Emotions

Inside Out:
Regina Rei Lamourelle with Dr. Mary Lamia, Annie Fox, M.Ed.

pic According to our guest, teens often misunderstand and grossly mismanage their emotions. Moreover, many adults also misundertand the role of emotions in teens and become enablers in the mismanagement of teen emotions. Our guests help us to help teens put their emotions in the right context and respond to their emotions in more productive ways.
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Rude Teens: Changing Times, What to Do

Regina Rei Lamourelle with Anna Post, Nicholas Provenzano, Susan M. Heim


pic Remember manners and etiquette? Apparently many teens didn't get the memo that these social graces are still important. Yes, some of the old rules are outdated, but the basics still apply. Learn how to help your teen develop a keen sense of appropriate behavior.
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