Who Is the Most Positive Person in the Room? Why It Matters

John Musso with Michelle Gielan


Our guest shares science-based keys to creating a more positive school environment. Learn why any room is controlled by the most expressive and how understanding this can help you change school culture.

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Michelle Gielan,

Using Data Mining to Detect Fraud and Misuse of School Funds

John Musso with Karin Smith


Misuse of school funds is a significant problem that impacts district budgets across the nation.  In this segment, we look at how to detect and prevent fraud and abuse of school funds.

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How Much Is Too Much?: A Work-Life Balance Checklist

John Musso with Tim Peraino, Stephanie Weese


We understand that education is a calling, but how do you determine if you are doing too much and your life is out of balance? More importantly, how can you restore the balance?

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How the Role of the School Business Manager Is Changing

John Musso with Stephanie Weese


For a myriad of reasons, the role of the school business manager is changing. Collaboration and consolidation is becoming more essential. Our guest shares her story about a radical restructuring implemented in her school district and how it was done.  

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