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  • Stuck in an Elevator with Bill Gates

    Just me and him.  Alone in an elevator on a long ride to the top floor.  I’ve dreamed of this for quite some time, but even so, my hands are sticky and my mouth is dry.  Will I have the guts to say what I’ve rehearsed in my mind so many times?  I remind myself that I’m wearing my big girl panties, and I urge my brain to speak, but it doesn’t sound like my voice coming out.   “Hi, I’m Jennifer, a Mom from Tennessee,” I say.  He looks up from his gadget that looks l ...

    by MommaBears
    Tuesday, 31 March 2015
  • priming


    Below is a list of five-word sets called a scrambled-sentence test. Take a few minutes to make a grammatical four-word sentence as quickly as possible out of each set. Go! 01  find solution acceptable an everyone 02  sun a is he dandy 03  delicious taste home bread baked 04  has today enjoyable been aimed 05  representation members equal fair and 06  just is peachy the everything 07  very evening a pleasant it 08  for get work are ready 09  s ...

    by Dan McCabe
    Monday, 30 March 2015
  • Educate Mind and Heart

    This is an exciting time in public education in America and in Illinois. We are at a crucial crossroads in terms of accountability, funding, structure, pensions, research, 19th to 21st Century foundation, public vs. private, Ed reformers vs. Ed Transformers, digital revolution, etc. In our school district, we are in the middle of an impressive, provocative, and impactful change/transformation in middle level education as well as PK-8 education overall. Last year the school district implemented ...

    by Michael Lubelfeld
    Monday, 30 March 2015
  • What Teachers Don't Learn in College

    Ask me to explain symbolism in Gatsby or the narrative structure of Frankenstein. I can tell you two secrets that can help you interpret almost any poem. Who or whom – no problem. I can show you how to structure an essay, improve your style, and find your voice. This is the part of teaching that I walked out of college knowing how to do. College did not prepare me to sit in a funeral with several students while we watched a 17 year old say good-bye to her mother which h ...

    by Susan Barber
    Monday, 30 March 2015
  • It's All About the Driving Question!

    It was a graduate course called "Technology-Assisted Project Based Learning" where I learned this phrase - the Driving Question. But should a driving question exclusively belong to Project-Based Learning or should it be embedded into any kind of learning? And, if yes, perhaps there are even more components that can be "borrowed" as well? Let's review Project-Based Learning first. Question 1: Define Project-Based Learning Answer: The key words for PBL are: innovative, intrinsic motivation ...

    by Tsisana Palmer
    Friday, 27 March 2015
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Back to School: Recovering the Passion To Make a Difference

Gail Connelly with Former U.S Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch

pic Historian and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch travels the nation speaking to educators and says that the depth of discouragement in the field is at an all time high. Why are so many educators demoralized? More importantly, how can those who feel this way recover their passion to make a difference? Diane offers some great advice.
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