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    She Ran Away

      We didn’t do anything.   She transferred here from a different school. I don’t know why. She was mostly quiet, but it was not difficult to get a smile out of her. She said she wasn’t good in science, but was killing it in chemistry, perhaps the hardest science of all. I’d like to think that in the 3 months I knew her, I reached her and got to know her a little.   Yet I couldn’t do anything.   We’re on trimesters here. 3 equal terms and the first one just ended. The ...

    by Oskar Cymerman | @focus2achieve
    Thursday, 08 December 2016
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    You !@#$% Idiot!

    With the US election 2016 in the books, we can all agree that it was an election like no other. We have seen, heard, and were dragged along on quite an experience. I live in a TV market where there was a highly contested race, so I feel I was subjected a little more. I never thought I would admit this, but I am happy to see all of the holiday commercials instead of the campaign commericals.  This election year, I was honored to work with NEWSELA and NBC news; both national organizations ...

    by Jay Eitner | @Jay_Eitner
    Thursday, 08 December 2016
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    On the Mend

    It’s been an interesting November and December. While I have been truly blessed with my family, my career, and my traveling, I took a rare step. I did something for myself early in November. I had gastric bypass surgery. This surgery has been a long time in the making. For most of my life, I’ve been the fat guy.  While I just tolerated it in middle and high school, I took it all off in college. I went from 340 lbs to 208 lbs. How? I was in the gym, every day, for at least 4 hours. In a ...

    by Jay Eitner | @Jay_Eitner
    Wednesday, 07 December 2016
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    Within My Reach

    Every year the fifth graders at my daughter's school go on a two night camping trip. It used to seem so far away. But this year my daughter is in fifth grade. And yesterday she left with her classmates. I know she will have a great time. It is a trip I have taken several times when I taught fifth grade at her school. Students are not allowed to take cell phones or any type of electronic device. The idea is for the kids to bond and become one with nature. I get all of that. But... I miss my d ...

    by Jon Harper / @Jonharper70bd
    Tuesday, 06 December 2016
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    Piling On

    While I realize that the football's regular season is coming to an end, I can’t help but think that we in education are continuing to imitate a technique often seen in this national pastime. It is one that annoys me every time I see it and yet I am beginning to think that I am sometimes guilty of it myself. It didn’t hit me until last weekend when I overheard my wife reprimanding our daughter. I was in the other room, but I could not believe my ears. My daughter knew better than to do what sh ...

    by Jon Harper / @Jonharper70bd
    Saturday, 03 December 2016
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Back to School: Recovering the Passion To Make a Difference

Gail Connelly with Former U.S Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch

pic Historian and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch travels the nation speaking to educators and says that the depth of discouragement in the field is at an all time high. Why are so many educators demoralized? More importantly, how can those who feel this way recover their passion to make a difference? Diane offers some great advice.
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