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  • You Get What You Expect

    You get what you expect in this world. That is a mantra that I live by, both with raising my children and overseeing students in my school. Having high expectations is paramount to student achievement, good behavior, teacher professionalism, and parent engagement. When I was the principal of a rural high school high in the mountains of Colorado I took a radical measure based upon my high expectations for all students. I raised the eligibility policy standards to proclaim that students could n ...

    by Cathy Beck @cathypetreebeck
    Tuesday, 26 July 2016
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    Summer Strategies for Teaching Success

    Once the school year starts, there's hardly a moment to breathe. The pace of school life, particularly at the early-childhood and elementary levels, is marked by significant time-on-task with large numbers of children and tremendous responsibility for coaching, leading, and responding to students', families', and system-wide needs, expectations, questions, and requirements. Summer gives you the time to strategize for the year ahead, and as you strategize, it's good to think about the new and ...

    by Maureen Devlin @lookforsun
    Tuesday, 26 July 2016
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    Technology Use in Teenagers and Children Shaping New Health Problems

    The innovative age of technology continues to inspire youth, both teenagers and children. This technology, however, may be causing serious health problems across young generations as well. And teenagers are embracing technology more than any other age demographic. According to statistics portal Statista, smartphone users between the ages of 18 and 24 spend over 90 hours per month on apps. Some would even argue technology has become an addiction among teenagers and children. It may even ...

    by Hilary Smith
    Tuesday, 26 July 2016
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    Book Review: Blending Leadership

    Recently, I was able to get my hands on a copy of Blending Leadership: Six Simple Beliefs for Leading Online and Off by Stephen Valentine (@sjvalentine) and Reshan Richards (@reshanrichards), illustrated by Brad Ovenell-Carter (@Braddo). First, to save you the suspense, these six beliefs (which encompass the majority of the book) proclaim that blended leaders: Engage with thought leaders and engage as thought leaders Design spaces and care for spaces Reject insularity and embrace sharing ...

    by Ross Cooper | @RossCoops31
    Tuesday, 26 July 2016
  • 15 Ways to Describe a Four-Year-Old

    After spending this past weekend with a delightful gaggle of four-year-olds, and given the fact that I have not been in the classroom teaching that age for quite a few years now, I was reminded what a great age it is. They’ve passed the terrible two’s and the challenging three’s, with the ever-present push for independence and frequent episodes of “FTN” (failure to negotiate). Four-year-olds are beginning to understand other people’s points of view, have more language to express themselves wit ...

    by Debra Pierce | easycda
    Tuesday, 26 July 2016
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Back to School: Recovering the Passion To Make a Difference

Gail Connelly with Former U.S Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch

pic Historian and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch travels the nation speaking to educators and says that the depth of discouragement in the field is at an all time high. Why are so many educators demoralized? More importantly, how can those who feel this way recover their passion to make a difference? Diane offers some great advice.
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