Classroom Management: Yes, Bribes and Threats Work But....

Rae Pica with Dan Pink, Larry Ferlazzo, Josh Stumpenhorst, Deborah J. Stewart


When the subject turns to classroom management, using carrots and sticks has been the prevailing strategy for getting compliance. But research and an emerging cadre of voices are asserting that engagement trumps compliance. So is there a place in the enlightened teacher's classroom for rewards and punishments? 

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Radically Authentic Learning: How Classrooms Change When Student Genius Drives Learning

Vicki Davis with Joy Kirr, Hugh McDonald, Gallit Zvi, Denise Krebs


If connecting learning to students' passions and interests is the master's skill of teaching, then a concept called "Genius Hour "may be the master stroke. Borrowed from Google's policy of allowing staff to spend 20% of their work week on the pet project of their choice, teachers are reporting profound changes in student engagement and student motivation where Genius Hour is used. Moreover, they are finding that the quality of learning is radically more authentic than learning driven solely by desire to get good grades. 

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Taking Risks with Technology and Project-Based Learning to Engage Students

David Fisher with Hall Davidson


In this episode we speak with Discovery Education's mad scientist, and Director of Global Learning Initiatives, who talks with us about creative project-based learning with digital tools.

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Getting Reluctant Writers to Explore Life Beyond 140 Characters

Nicholas Provenzano and Timothy Gwynn with John T. Spencer


Some students are convinced that any writing assignment beyond 140 characters is both cruel and unusual punishment and unconstitutional. Our legal department is still checking into this. In the interim, here are some proven strategies to get students excited about jumping off the 140 character cliff and smiling on the way down. 

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Teachers Solicit Undercover Students to Crack the Code on Student Engagement

Nicholas Provenzano and Timothy Gwynn


From a clandestine bunker in an undisclosed school district, Nick and Tim speak anonymously with five students about why some teachers captivate them while others bore them to texting. Breaking the code of silence, the group revealed some invaluable insights into the elusive rules of student engagement before being spirited away to the witness protection program. Listen, laugh, and learn. 

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