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  • If we want Global Competencies we need to stop stigmatizing the Arts.

    There are conversations in all of our lives that we have repeatedly. "Did you brush your teeth? Are you sure?" "Do you have to pee? Please try to go before you put your snow pants on." "Where is/are your lunch box/agenda/library book/snow pants/mitts?!? The bus is coming!" Clearly, I'm ready for winter to be over, already. Beyond those quotidian rants however, there are professional conversations that I've had so many time they're staring to feel scripted. One of those well-rehearsed conve ...

    by Emily Caruso Parnell | @teachontheverge
    Saturday, 24 February 2018
  • Personalized v. Differentiated Instruction

    Personalized learning and differentiated learning are big buzzwords in education right now.  Did you think they were the same thing? As more catch phrases, tag lines, and buzzwords get added to the educational world, it's getting more and more difficult to determine what it all means, and more importantly, how it all applies to our classrooms. Two phrases I've been hearing a lot lately and very often interchangeably are differentiated learning and personalized learning. While based on the ...

    by Chad Ostrowski | @chadostrowski
    Monday, 19 February 2018
  • Ash Wednesday School Shooting

    Repentance: A radical change in mindset and heart, a promise to do better, surrender, a confession filled with remorse In every school or education organization there must be people you can trust. In spite of bureaucracy, complacency, high-stakes political frenzy, we must guarantee a safe space, a place where anyone can find the rhythm and pulse of our collective humanity. Maybe it takes the form of a kind eye, a warm embrace, a second glance or a genuine asking. Or maybe it’s a kind individu ...

    by Raquel Ríos @RaquelRiosPhD
    Monday, 19 February 2018
  • Turn Around...Look at Me: Recognizing the Signs of Mental Illness in Children

    As parents, we are quick to protect our children. When a physical ailment pops up, like a high fever, a strange rash, or broken bone, we take the child to the doctor. These things are easy to see and we immediately react. It can be different when a child begins having random outbursts, trouble at school, becomes noncompliant, or distant. These kinds of things leave parents, as well as teachers, confused and unsure about what to do. It may be that the child seems fine most of the time, but t ...

    by Debra Pierce | @easycda
    Sunday, 18 February 2018
  • tears

    Hollow Tears

    The new year is but 47 days old and, in that time, there have been multiple school shootings in the United States. The most recent slaughter occurred on Valentine’s Day at a Florida high school. Students and staff were tricked by the shooter into responding to a fire alarm and then senselessly sprayed with bullets as they streamed into the hallways. Seventeen young lives were extinguished in mere moments. The lives of far more were assaulted and altered for eternity. Condolences have been sen ...

    by Tim Ramsey | @PlutoTim
    Saturday, 17 February 2018
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Inside a School with More Poverty, Less Funding and Excellent Grades

Vicki Davis with Dr. Jerry Thacker


Our guest is a superintendent, passionate about achieving academic excellence despite all obstacles.  In this segment he shares how his team leads a top ranked school that has overcome the typical barriers to high academic performance.

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Inside the Movement to Throw Out Grades: Can It Be Done?

Vicki Davis with Starr Sackstein, Mark Barnes


Our guests are behind a movement to eliminate grades completely, but schools and parents have other ideas. Can this effort gain traction? What will be required?

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Time to Get Rid of Grades? What Exactly Stands in the Way?

Rae Pica with Mark Barnes, Starr Sackstein, Nancy Flanagan 


Our guests are behind an initiative to scrap grades. Can we achieve academic goals without grades? What are the obstacles?  

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Demystifying Formative Assessment and Grading

Tom Whitby, Nancy Blair, Mark Weston 


If formative assessment is about calibrating both teaching and learning, should formative assessment be graded? 

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Accountability: What are the Alternatives to Using Test Scores for Teacher Evaluations?

Larry Ferlazzo with Julian Vasquez Heilig, Ph.D., Ben Spielberg 


In this segment we take a look at the rationale for using high stakes testing and explore other ways to achieve the goal of teacher quality. 

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