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  • Let Them Play: Approaches to Technology Integration and PD That Empower Teachers

    In Drive, Daniel Pink argues that mastery, autonomy, and purpose motivate people in their careers. A study by The Economist and Google for Education found that giving teachers autonomy makes them better teachers. For more information on the study: 1:35 video summary Research summary blog post Full study findings Giving teachers autonomy with edtech spurs mastery and purpose while empowering them to innovate. Do your district's professional development and edtech practices hono ...

    by Tom Mullaney @TomEMullaney
    Monday, 13 August 2018
  • Lemonade Stands: Rule Breakers or Kid Makers? Ask Pete

    As summer draws to a close and back-to-school bells ring, families enjoy the tail end of summer bliss. Popsicle sticks and lemonade stands. Kids everywhere making lemonade, at least I think so.   When I think of my childhood summers, such vivid memories of long days playing with neighbor kids, trips to Lake Michigan with my family, going fishing and planting pansies with my Dad. My Mom, Reading. Old movies. Scrabble and Crossword puzzles. In order to get money for cherry cokes down ...

    by Rita Wirtz | @RitaWirtz
    Saturday, 11 August 2018
  • #bekindbeincredible

    When you get a group of talented, enthusiastic, and passionate educators together to talk about school-wide positive behavior support in the summer, great and exciting things are bound to happen. And that is exactly what occurred the other day, a few weeks before the start of the 2018-2019 school year.  I am fortunate enough to work along side these talented, enthusiastic, and passionate educators as principal, and when we sat down to discuss our goals for the year and how we would accompl ...

    by William Madden | @WPMadden
    Friday, 10 August 2018
  • WhyCuriosityFadesandHowtoGrowIt.png

    Why Curiosity Wilts and How to Make It Bloom Again

    I read a lot in my elementary years. Growing up in the 1980's communist Poland I spent a lot of time in the cowboys-and-Indians world of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand. I'd relive the main characters' stories with an older friend who introduced me to this world and lent me books I'd devour in spare time. I read other books too. I read like a maniac expanding my world and consciousness. They tickled my imagination.   I guess I was curious.   I also remember being happy.   I ...

    by Oskar Cymerman | @focus2achieve
    Thursday, 02 August 2018
  • It's Up to Us: Bridging the Distance between Home and School

    While you may not see them, the parents or guardians of your students are in your classroom every day. As the primary caregivers of your students, they influence how your students think, feel, and react. Even though the ideal parent or guardian would be informed and supportive while providing a stable home environment and supervising homework, not all individuals meet these ideals. Instead, the parents and guardians of our students are people much like ourselves.  They want to do what is be ...

    by Julia G Thompson | @TeacherAdvice
    Tuesday, 31 July 2018
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Inside a School with More Poverty, Less Funding and Excellent Grades

Vicki Davis with Dr. Jerry Thacker


Our guest is a superintendent, passionate about achieving academic excellence despite all obstacles.  In this segment he shares how his team leads a top ranked school that has overcome the typical barriers to high academic performance.

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Inside the Movement to Throw Out Grades: Can It Be Done?

Vicki Davis with Starr Sackstein, Mark Barnes


Our guests are behind a movement to eliminate grades completely, but schools and parents have other ideas. Can this effort gain traction? What will be required?

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Time to Get Rid of Grades? What Exactly Stands in the Way?

Rae Pica with Mark Barnes, Starr Sackstein, Nancy Flanagan 


Our guests are behind an initiative to scrap grades. Can we achieve academic goals without grades? What are the obstacles?  

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Demystifying Formative Assessment and Grading

Tom Whitby, Nancy Blair, Mark Weston 


If formative assessment is about calibrating both teaching and learning, should formative assessment be graded? 

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Accountability: What are the Alternatives to Using Test Scores for Teacher Evaluations?

Larry Ferlazzo with Julian Vasquez Heilig, Ph.D., Ben Spielberg 


In this segment we take a look at the rationale for using high stakes testing and explore other ways to achieve the goal of teacher quality. 

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