Take This Game and Shove it!

Mark Hyman with host Rae Pica

pic There are sports camps for kids at 18 months and golf training videos for toddlers. As ambitious and competitive parents push their kids to play and win, more children are burning out, dropping out and becoming turned off to competitive sports. Mark Hyman is a long-time sports journalist who says parents are pushing kids to play till it hurts and they are.
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Do Youth Sports Build Character or Just a Competitive, Do-Anything -to-Win Nature?

Dr. Jay Coakley, Richard Robbins, & Ann Hulbert

pic Steroid use, gambling on games, animal abuse, cheating, lying, adultery, assault and regular episodes of bad behavior by athletes has become a cliche. In the wake of sports scandal after sports scandal, is the notion that sports builds character simply a suburban myth? This segment brings together a distinguished panel to separate the fiction from the reality of youth sports.
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Solving The Growing Physical Activity Crisis

Rae Pica with Lisa Guernsey, JoAnne Owens-Nauslar, Ed.D, and Russell Pate


Many refer to the problem as the "child obesity" problem, but our distinguished guests see it primarily as a matter of reduced physical activity. They cite a number of contemporary causes and offer practical solutions.

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5 Myths About Your Child and Sports

pic According youth sports expert Bob Bigelow, there is a huge disconnect between what parents believe about child sports and what is genuinely beneficial to children. Bob says parents just don't understand how to determine what sports are developmentally appropriate and more importantly, how to match their child to the right program. Listen to this segment before you take your child to the next soccer game.
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