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#1 - 50 Things You Can Do Easier In Google Classroom

Sharon Plante, Alice Keeler


Our guest is passionate about Google classroom and literally wrote the book on how educators can  make the most of this teaching tool. 

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#2 - These Five Things Will Not Make You a Better Teacher, This One Will

Vicki Davis with Josh Stumpenhorst 

pic What makes a teacher better?  According to our guest, it's often not what we've been taught to believe. In this segment, Josh Stumpenhorst aims to debunk the myths and focus on what really makes a difference in our instruction.  

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#3 - Teaching Tactics: How I Learn 120 Student Names by the First Day of School

Jon Bergmann 


Teaching is all about relationships. The faster you connect with your students, the sooner you will establish the foundation for a productive school year. In this segment, Jon shares a powerful strategy to help you connect on the very first day. 

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#4 - Seven Smart Ways to Know What Your Students Are Really Learning

Vicki Davis with Garnet Garnet Hillman 

pic How effective is your teaching? How do you know how much your students are learning? What are the best practices and tools for doing effective formative and summative assessment?  We discuss all of this and more in this episode.

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#5 - 10 Ways to Start Building Strong Relationships with Parents On Day One

Vicki Davis with Joe Sanfelippo, and  Amy Fadeji

pic Beyond your students, your relationships with your kids' parents may be the most important.   In this segment our guests share proven approaches to quickly connect and build trust with parents. 

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#6 - The One Thing Parents Really Want From Teachers and School Leaders

 Dr. Joe Sanfelippo, Tony Sinanis with Lisa Davis and Gwen Pescatore


Through trial and error, our guests discovered that what parents want from teachers and school leaders may differ from what schools and PTO's believe.  Tune in to learn what matters most to many parents and how to marry what parents want with what schools need.

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#7 -Three Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Teaching

 Larry Ferlazzo with Val Brown, Julia Thompson  


In this segment we curate a great set of do's and don't's for new teachers.

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#8 - Don’t Even Think About Doing This on the First Day of School

Jon Bergmann 


In this segment, Jon shares the one thing every teacher should flip on the first  day of school.

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#8 - Creating Riveting Learning Experiences Your Students Will Never Forget

Matt Miller, Jed Dearybury with Dave Burgess


In this premier episode of the new HookED, we talk about how to move beyond boring lesson plans to create learning experiences that students will never forget.

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#9 - Minimizing Distractions to Learning in Your Class

 Dr. Joe Sanfelippo, Tony Sinanis, Erin Klein


Instead of being conducive to learning, many classrooms are actually very distracting to students. In this segment our guest talks about how to turn up the learning by dialing down the distractions in your class. 

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#10 - Things to Do Now to Be Better Organized When You Head Back to School

Rae Pica with Maia Heyck-Merlin, Jenny Edwards, Dan Brown


Getting and staying organized during the school year is a never-ending challenge. Our guests offer practical steps you can take during the summer to have your act together when you head back to school.

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#11 - 20 Ways to Help Your Students Do Better This Year

Vicki Davis with Dr. Brad Johnson 



Our guest argues that our schools are too often not teaching the skills that will most ensure student success in school and in life. What are these skills?  How can you make sure these skills are taught in your classroom?

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 #12 - Teaching Strategies 2.0: What Is a Digital Portfolio? Why It Matters

 Larry Ferlazzo with Rusul Alrubail, Michael Fisher


Most teachers are familiar with the idea of students developing a portfolio of their work, but what is a a digital portfolio?  Today we'll explore the benefits and challenges of this teaching tool.

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#13 - Five Digital Note-Taking Methods That Are Transforming Teaching and Learning

Vicki Davis with Dr. Tom Grissom


New digital note taking methods are transforming teaching and learning.  Our guest opens our eyes to the new possibilities with digital inking, collaborative note-taking and enhanced note-taking.  Learn more... 

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#14 - 3 Things Great Teachers, Principals, Educators Do Differently

Brad Currie, Todd Whitaker


This week we talk with Todd Whitaker about what it takes to create a school culture of greatness.

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#15 - The Tools and Skills You Need to Connect Your Students to the World

Susan Bearden, Craig Kemp 


Our special guest on this episode is our first international host of #edtechchat.  He comes to us all the way from Singapore to talk about making global connections. 

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#16 - Would These 5 Tips Make You More Open to New Teaching Practices?

 Larry Ferlazzo with Sally Zepeda, Bill Sterrett, and Pete Hall


Resistance to change is part of human nature.  In this segment we look at how we can become more willing and comfortable with embracing new teaching strategies and techniques.

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#17 - The 3 Ways Teachers Can Make the Biggest Impact on a Student's Life

Gary Abud, Steve Perkins with Jeff Bater


If character matters more than test scores, how do great teachers help develop the character traits that really make a difference?

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 #18 - [Part - I] Flipping Your Class? Do This, Puh-Leeze Don't Do That

Jon Bergmann 


This is the  first in a series of episodes on the biggest mistakes teachers make when flipping their classrooms.

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#19 - The Four Qualities of Teachers Who Create World-Class Learners

Brad Currie,  Yong Zhao


Our guest offers a clear set of guidelines to help us create world-class learners. One principle is teaching the child versus teaching the subject.  Tune in to hear more.

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#20 - How to Set and Maintain High Expectations for Your Students

Gary Abud, Steve Perkins with Anne Marie Osheyack 


Our guest says that setting and maintaining high expectations for students begins with loving kids.  Learn more.

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#21 - Five Things You Should Know About Culturally Responsive Instruction

Gary Abud, Steve Perkins with Dr. Anna Baldwin 


Teaching to and from different cultural perspectives is becoming increasingly important. Why does culturally responsive instruction matter? What is required to do it well?

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#22 - 8 Things to Consider When Teaching Students Impacted by Poverty

Brad Currie, Billy Krakower, Ruby Payne


Teaching students impacted by poverty requires heightened awareness and sensitivity in eight specific areas. In this segment our guest defines poverty and provides a simple framework for educators. 

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#23 - Why It's Important for Students to Create Content

Sharon Plante, Alex J Podchaski,  Susan M. Bearden


In this segment we talk about encouraging students to create content on the iPad.  Though the iPad was central to the discussion, including pros and cons, the focus was promoting higher order thinking.

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#24 - If You Lose Control of Your Classroom, Try This...

Laura Fleming and Travis Lape with Sugata Mitra 


Losing control of the classroom conjures up frightening images of students running amok.  If classroom anarchy is one of your fears, you'll want to make sure you listen to this episode.   

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#25 - 5 Ideas for Faculty Meetings That Can Make (Almost) Everyone Happy?

Tom Whitby, Nancy Blair, Paula Naugle


In this segment, we talk about the dreaded faculty meeting. Tune in for some proven ways to make them more productive and appealing?

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#26 - I Flipped My English Class and the Process of Grading Papers

Jon Bergmann with Kate Baker


Teaching English typically involves grading mounds of papers. Our guest has flipped her English class and found a way around those  long weekends with red markers.

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#27 - What Can We Do to Develop a Culture of Success in our Classrooms?

Larry Ferlazzo with Heather Wolpert-Gawron, Chris Lehman

The culture of an organization is a powerful predictor of success. This applies to school cultures as well. In this segment we explore the markers of a successful school culture and look at what we can do to develop them.

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#28 - Liberating Genius: A Plan for the First 20 Days of School

 Vicki Davis with Angela Maiers


Our guest  founded the Choose2Matter movement.  This year the program has gained momentum. and in this segment she shares a plan to bring out the best in students in the first twenty days.

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Sunday Schools: After "Bronx Household of Faith v. Board"

By refusing the church’s latest appeal in Bronx Household of Faith v. New York City Board of Education, 11-386, the United States Supreme Court today gave a final judicial green light to the Department of Education’s controversial ban on renting schools for religious services.

While only persuasive nationally, the now-final Second Circuit ruling settles matters for multiple states within this judicial circuit (New York, Vermont, and Connecticut) but only affects those districts that want to start prohibiting services (probably few, but includes New York City).

Haven’t we been here before? In 1998, the high court declined review of a similar Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. And, despite these decisions and others along the way, since 2002 Bronx Household of Faith has been holding services in P.S. 15 in the Bronx. The DOE estimates that dozens of churches now rent space for Sunday services, despite courts approving Chancellor’s Regulation D-180, Section 1(Q), prohibiting the practice. Can this really be the end?

The DOE says so, releasing a statement from a senior city lawyer within hours of today’s decision that declares “Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012, is the last day that churches and other groups can use the schools for worship.”

I am taking that with a grain of salt. This controversy has raged for over a decade and most legal observers thought Bronx Household of Faith had a good chance of winning this latest round. Since the Supreme Court upheld the federal Equal Access Act in Good News Club v. Milford, 533 U.S. 98 (2001), public schools have had to treat secular and religious groups similarly in renting their facilities. As an extracurricular organization, the Good News Club was clearly conducting worship, much as a chess club would pursue its core activity, theorized the court, and, under the First Amendment, schools could not discriminate on the basis of this content.

The Second Circuit, which had sided with the district in Good News Club, clearly again fought against the tide in Bronx Household of Faith, arguing that the DOE could still decide against a church’s regular conduct of services on Sundays. Not that the DOE was required to bar the church, but it could if, in its judgment, the arrangement blurred the distinction between church and state:

The Supreme Court has never ruled on whether permitting the regular conduct of religious worship services in public schools constitutes a violation of the Establishment Clause, and we reach no conclusion on that question. As discussed above, considering all the circumstances, we think the risk that permitting the regular conduct of worship services in public schools would violate the Establishment Clause is sufficiently high to justify the Board’s adoption of a content restriction that prohibits the performance of such services but does not otherwise limit the expression of religious viewpoints. slip opinion at pp. 32 -33.

Thus the Second Circuit engaged in judicial hair-splitting to reach a conclusion at odds with the controlling Good News Club precedent. So it came as a surprise that the Supreme Court denied the church’s appeal. While creating no binding precedent, the action allows the circuit court ruling to stand, preserving the DOE’s discretion to ban rental of schools for worship.

However, this will not stop the political wheels from turning. Under the Second Circuit’s decision, the DOE can giveth as well as taketh away. So the evangelical community and its allies will likely pressure elected officials, including the mayor, to rescind the Chancellor’s Regulation D-180 ban. It’s been a long time on the books. So long that the mayor might well decide that it’s time to take another look at the rule based on legal precedents and a popular drift away from strong church/state separation.

Recently, Mayor Bloomberg opined on protesters’ right to erect tents in Zuccotti Park. With today’s decision in Bronx Household of Faith, the mayor has yet another chance to put his mark on an important First Amendment issue.

This column was originally posted by Gotham Schools at