Feeling Guilty: I Do More with My Students Than My Own Kids

Jon Harper and Mandy Froehlich with KJ Dell'Antonia


We spend all day with other people's children and often find that by the time we get home, we are too exhausted to give much of ourselves to our own children. For many, this is a source of guilt. What can we do about it?

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When Your Teaching Life Is Disrupted: Facing Health Issues

Jon Harper and Mandy Froehlich with Kaye Henrickson and Justin Birckbichler


Teachers are routinely focused on supporting students. What happens internally when a health challenge forces us to attend to ourselves?

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Teaching Today: This Is Not What I Signed Up to Do: Now What?

Jon Harper with Trevor Muir


Teaching has evolved in ways that are very different from what many educators expected when they chose this career. What's a teacher to do?

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I'm a Teacher Struggling with Depression: Am I Really Alone?

Jon Harper with Mandy Froehlich


In this episode, we talk about educators who struggle with depression.  Our hosts share their own experiences and discuss why coping starts with this one key item.  

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GUILT: I'm Working 60 Hours and I Feel That I'm Not Doing Enough

Jon Harper and Mandy Froehlich with Dan Tricarico


We all know that teaching is more demanding than ever, and we rise every day giving all we have to the challenge. But if you ever feel like you are not good enough to do all that is expected of you, this is the episode you'll want to hear.

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