If You Pay Attention to Students, They Will Pay Attention to You

Keith Hughes


Tip #1 Where attention goes energy flows. Join Hip Hughes for several classroom-tested tips for grabbing and keeping the attention of your students every day.

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Squeezing Social-Emotional Learning into the Common Core

Rae Pica with Maurice J. Elias, Ed Dunkelblau, Melanie Link Taylor, Jason Flom 


Our guests argue that social and emotional learning must precede numeracy and literacy. Tune in as we talk about how teachers can find ways to balance these needs in the current educational climate.

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Four Must-Know Tips for Giving Effective Feedback to Students

Rae Pica with Edward "Ed" L. Deci, Susan "Sue" M. Brookhart, Nancy Blair 


Student feedback can be productive, counterproductive, or just plain useless. Our guests offer vital tips for giving feedback that advances student learning.  

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Helping Parents Understand the New Strategies for Teaching and Learning

Rae Pica with Jenifer Fox, Suzie Boss, Josh Stumpenhorst 


Many parents expect teaching and classrooms to look and operate as they did when they were in school. Bringing parents up to speed on the new approaches to teaching and learning can be challenging. Our guests offer practical tips. 

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