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Karen Stone  @eqforchildren.

Karen Stone @eqforchildren.

Karen Stone has over 35 years experience in education from preschool-college. She has a BA in Special Ed and MA in Learning Disabilities. Not only a professional in the field but also a parent of a child with significant disabilities. Her business experience includes 5 years as manager of an after-school tutoring program in 9 counties of NJ. She is currently the CEO of SoftStone Products, Inc. Karen has written children’s Emotional Intelligence programs (Pre-school-HS) research-based and piloted. This program is complete with classroom curriculums and parent guides. Karen writes an anti-bullying blog with now over 100,000 followers. She is currently giving in-service workshops in school districts receiving many positive comments. She is also a motivational speaker and author of a children's book and CD. Her passion and life’s work is helping to create emotionally safe environments in school and at home so that each child has the opportunity to reach his/her unique potential. She lost her beautiful son to Melanoma a year ago and has been able to sustain his passing thanks to her ability to maintain an emotionally safe internal dialogue. Currently, working to create a grief support group teaching these important life sustaining skills..

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What are the best ways to help abused children heal? Love or More? I am sure this question has been asked by many professionals, teachers, foster parents and all those who feel their pain.  Having been bullied for many years which is a form of abuse, I have thought about this question in regards to myself and have spent a great deal of time and money exploring the answers.  So after all the therapy, workshops, reading and painful choices here is what I believe abused children need to heal.

  1. One really caring supportive individual that unconditionally loves them.
  2.  Understanding that they were not the reason they were abused.
  3.  Removal from environments that continue the abuse or rejection.
  4. Real basic skills that teach them how to care for themselves emotionally and give them the tools to know when to ask for help and assistance.
  5. Involve them in helping others because this encourages and increases their opportunities to feel their goodness.
  6. Support whatever natural ability they have that will lead them to their own purpose and place in the world.
  7. Play, laugh and let them see the humor in their everyday challenges.

Love is an important ingredient but let the love be active in their learning how to love themselves unconditionally.



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Will you help me bring emotional intelligence to children in need this year? We have all been busy with the holidays and in the last few days reflecting on 2018 and the changes we want to make. I too have been reflecting and felt that I have much to offer children who suffer from abuse, lack of sustenance and nurturing, living separate from their parents and those in low income areas filled with violence and constant chaos.

I’d like to bring CJ to these children so that they have the voices of love and emotional well-being they so need. Having been a child and young adult who was teased and bullied, I know only too well that positive loving voices would have given me the option to think differently about myself. These children I speak of are enduring emotional pain every single day. I believe with all my heart that CJ and his family of loving characters can help lighten their load and give them the inner voices that will support them, empower them and help them sustain hope.

So all my followers…lead me to these children. If you work for a school or organization that serves children and they would benefit from my help, I am ready to volunteer and come and share these loving voices with them. Every time I hear of the immigrant children and see their faces behind the bars, my heart says go there and let CJ be their light. So help me make this happen! Open doors for me and I will take it from there.

Children are our hope for a kinder more loving world. They are our voices in the future and if their voices are more loving and kinder our world will reflect this! Spreading the word of my YouTube channel alone will make a difference!  I have children in South Africa who love it!

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This world is one crazy place these days.  We need to promote emotional intelligence more than ever.  We certainly need to raise a new generation of children that have emotional brains that are developed to experience and share empathy, compassion, manage their emotions and appropriate relational skills.

This has been my goal and passion for over 35 years.  I was a bullied child and young teen at  home and at school.  I did not know how to emotionally care for myself nor understand how to overcome those mean voices.  It has taken me many years to understand my goodness and inherent worth and to navigate in a world that hardens the soul and neglects our oneness and uniqueness.  My response to this has been to dedicate my life to the emotional well-being of childen and providing them with the tools and skills to remain connected to their goodness and worth.

I have chosen to use children's playful and fun connection to characters.  My characters speak to their lovability and enhance their feelings of goodness and worth.  Disney characters provided me with a safe place to be who I am and I connected with them in a way that was not available to me with the people in my life. I will never forget this so embarrassing moment at the age of 38 when arriving at Disneyland in California and seeing Mickey Mouse.  I stood their sobbing for it was like I had found my long last friend.  Poor Mickey...he was not prepared to deal with me.

Please join me in helping to raise a new generation of children.  Help me to make a difference in children's lives in this world that doesn't value our children and their inherent goodness. Take a few minutes to watch a few episodes and then pass this channel on to all the young children you know.  If we are going to have our children using technology, let's feel their minds and their souls with the voices that will surely help them to endure and to thrive.

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The phrase, “Can I Have a Happy Thought Please?” is an easy and effective way for children to stop a bully.  It is tried and true!  I have been teaching children to do this for years.  The positive thought and energy stops the negative energy and there are many ways for a bully to act or reply.  He/She can say they are sorry.  They can try again and get the same response, “Can I have a happy thought, please”, and then turn away.  They can turn away the first time.  Eventually, they don’t bother you at all.  Why is this so?

Energy is an interesting phenomenon.  Positive energy is very powerful and this phrase is a positive response to a negative action.  The response is unexpected and literally stops a bully in his tracks.  The bully is not being attacked.  The person saying this is no longer a victim and it is empowering for a child or anyone to have a way to counter a negative action towards that for the most part does not insight more bullying behavior.

So how do you know this works?  Try it and see what happens when someone says a negative thing to you.  See what the response is.  Children love this and if they learn this at an early age…WOW!!!  This certainly helps to reduce bullying and to re-frame it in a positive action.

Being bullied is devastating and we have way too much it today.  It is worse than it used to be.  Having been bullied for many years, I wish I had had this response in my repertoire.  I just took it, swallowed it and experienced the unconscious negative outcome later in life.

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Last winter and Spring, I had the privilege of piloting my EQ program in a North Jersey preschool.  The pilot is a great success and we have begun our 2nd year.  Teachers love it, the children love being Creators of Joy (CJs). They could recite CJs 7 voices and how they made them feel, for ex. happy, good, kind.  I love visiting every two weeks and the picture you see is our Rainbow Rootie day when we all looked silly!  When I visit, I demonstrate the different aspects of the theme they are teaching for that week.  I learn as much as they do. The children love all of CJs buddies and continuously talk about them.

Research tells us that the emotional brain is growing the fastest from birth to six.  This certainly was evident for the younger children ( 3 year olds) were able to focus on CJ and how the voices felt more easily than the older children.  What a surprise!  They had less academics (left brain stimulation) and were more open to the messages and feelings and using CJ in their play.  So the earlier we start, the better!


The teachers asked for more time in their curriculum for CJ. This Fall they began this and are including more of the fun activities in the curriculum.  The activities all included history, science and inter-relational opportunities.  However, the trend in preschool is academics and yet the staff felt that they needed more time for these important skills. 

Research is showing us that children who have more play and social and emotional learning instead of the current trend in academics actually pull ahead by the time they reach 4th grade. Play teaches those important skills of sharing, compromise, critical thinking to name a few.

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