Helping Teens to Manage Their Emotional States

Dr. Regina Rei Lamourelle with Robert A. Rees, Ph.D and Ugo Uche


Our guest's research indicates that the heart has an intelligence of its own. Understanding how the heart interacts with the mind and how to balance the two can help teens deal with various emotional issues. Learn how you can use this research to help your children manage their emotional states.

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Inside the Mind of Violent Youth

Regina Rei Lamourelle with Dr. James Fallon and Brian Stevenson

pic Why do young people suddenly turn aggressive, violent and commit unthinkable crimes? What can we tell from neuroscience about brain development in violent teens and young adults? As parents, educators and policy makers struggle to handle increasing violence in teens, our ability to use MRI to see in to the brain offers some new clues and guidance for effective intervention.
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