As Marijuana Moves Towards Greater Acceptance, What Is the Impact on Teens?

Dr. Lamourelle with Dr. Yasmin Hurd, Dr. Matthew Smith

pic We're seeing definitive moves toward the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. As the use of pot becomes normalized, what will be the impact on teens and what should parents say to their teens about its use.

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Difficult, but Necessary Conversations About Your Teen, Sex, and Cancer

Dr. Lamourelle with Michael T. Brady, MD, Kathryn Stamoulis


Many parents are reluctant to talk to their tweens and teens about sex, cancer and the HPV. The need to have this discussion is often complicated by the misinformation about the HPV vaccine. In this segment we attempt to give parents some needed help with this difficult issue.

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Worried Parents, Anxious Teens

Dr. Lamourelle with Lynn Lyons, Reid Wilson, Heather Wolpert-Gawron, Jann Gumbiner


When parents' concerns and good intentions go wrong, the impact can be distressful for teens. Is your anxiety creating anxiety and avoidance behavior in your tween? How can you avoid this?

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Understanding the Challenges of Being a Multiracial Teen

Dr. Lamourelle with Jacqueline M. Chen, Jessica Remedios, Jann Gumbiner


The number of biracial kids is on the rise. But not much is generally understood about the unique world in which they live and the challenges they face. In this segment we go inside the world of multiracial teens.

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Teens More and Less Empowered in 2013

Dr. Regina Lamourelle with Annie Fox, M.Ed., Heather Wolpert-Gawron, Dr. Jann Gumbiner


2013 was a year of big challenges and accomplishments for teens. Our guests weigh in with their take on the ups and downs of 2013 and their view of the road ahead.

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