Flipping a High School Dropout Recovery Class

Jon Bergmann and Mary Tsadi


This is a story about a teacher who flipped a program for impoverished students on the other side of the digital divide, who had dropped out of high school. The outcome is truly amazing.

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Really? Flipping Physical Education?

Jon Bergmann and Jason Hahnstadt


Flipping math is one thing. flipping science, okay, we get that too. But flipping a physical education class? In this segment Jon speaks with the first teacher he has met who flipped a PE class. It's a great story with insights that apply to all flippers. Hear what happens when flipping gets physical.

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Flipping a Language Arts Class

Jon Bergmann and Allison Drew


In this segment we talk with a Spanish teacher who is flipping her classes to effectively differentiate instruction. Hear how she did it and the impact it had on the students and the program.

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New Teacher Flips Classroom and Finds...

Jon Bergmann and Amber Mueller


In this episode, we talk with a brand new teacher who decided to try flipping her classroom. Find out what this first-time flipper discovered and the impact it had on her and her students.

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Tales from the Flip Side of Project-Based Learning

Jon Bergmann and Michael Gorman


In his premier episode, flipped classroom pioneer Jon Bergmann explains why real-world stories are the best way to learn about flipping the classroom. Jon then talks with Michael Gorman about marrying the project-based learning model with flipping.

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