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  • Family Glamping, A Lesson in Love

    I had an extraordinary day yesterday. Did you? And I can hardly wait to tell you what happened. You be the judge.  Here in America, the Labor Day holiday weekend is an end of summer opportunity to reflect and make observations about past and future. Lessons always surround us when we watch, listen and learn. That proved to be so true for me yesterday. Here's how it happened. We go through phases and stages in life where it seems like stuff is just rolling downhill faster than we can keep ...

    by Rita Wirtz | @RitaWirtz
    Monday, 03 September 2018
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_IMother-to-Son--.JPG

    Ninety-five Percent

    On the first day of school, Ronaldo entered my fifth grade classroom, a few hundred decibels louder than his peers.  I asked him to quiet down and find the seat I had already picked out for him.  He looked at me, smirked, and sat down.  The boy was a restless child who had yet learned where his on/off switch was.  He needed to be reminded often to not shout out, to not get up and walk around the room, to not pester the girl sitting next to him.   He also needed t ...

    by Tim Ramsey | @PlutoTim
    Monday, 03 September 2018
  • There's Still Time To Make a Change!

    Whether you're heading back to school, coming off a holiday break, or maybe you're smack dab in the middle of a school year, I know it's easy to feel "locked in" and unable to make any changes. This is fairly common. As the stress of the year increases, it feels like it gets harder and harder to make changes to your instruction, classroom management, or just about anything else! The truth is...it IS possible, and YOU CAN DO IT! There is still time! There are a few things you should remember tho ...

    by Chad Ostrowski | @chadostrowski
    Friday, 31 August 2018
  • Tired

    The next person who comes to me with the latest, newest, cure-all packaged program designed to meet the needs of all kids - fully equipped with glitzy strategies, charts, worksheets and data charts that must be utilized in a prescribed, lock-step fashion with “fidelity” - better be prepared to stand before my kids for an entire day – alone! On top of that, they’d better prepare themselves for the five hours after school that they will need to subtract from their family’s life to grade papers, ca ...

    by Tim Ramsey | @PlutoTim
    Sunday, 26 August 2018
  • Why I Left the Classroom for Administration

    "So there looks like there might be an opportunity for you." At the time when I heard this, I was literally in the middle of having my best teaching year. My sixth grade blended learning classroom was going better than I could ever have imagined. I was "teaching like a PIRATE," engaging and empowering my students, making learning relevant and meaningful to them, learning along side of my students every day, watching them get that love for learning back, and getting to know my students better th ...

    by William Madden | @WPMadden
    Wednesday, 22 August 2018
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Online Recording Studio

How to use the online recorder:

1. Attach a microphone to your computer (Your internal computer microphone will give you poor quality.)

2. Hit the record button.

3. Accept the Flash Add on

4. Hit record then play back to test your recording when you are done.

5. Hit the save link to save the audio file as an mp3 and download it to your computer.

6. When ready upload the audio file to your radio show page.