3 Great Ways & Reasons to Move Your Class Outdoors

According to our guests, immersing your students in nature offers many benefits to both students and teachers. Find out why you should take your students outside as often as possible. This segment also offers specific outdoor lessons you can use with your class today.

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Picture This


Sometimes we go through life without even noticing the things around us. But that’s not the way it’s supposed to be! This game gives children a reason to take notice.


Materials Needed: Pictures or photos of things found in your outside area; a box


Place the pictures in the box in the center of the play area. Line up the children in two single-file lines, on opposite sides of the box and several feet from it. Designate which line is to start first. The first child in the first line runs to the box, takes out a picture, looks at it, drops it back in the box, and then runs to the object pictured. After touching the object, she runs to the end of her line. Meanwhile, as soon as she drops the picture back in the box, the first child in the second line runs to the box and repeats the process. Continue this at least until every child has had a few turns.


Adapted from Great Games for Young Children by Rae Pica (Silver Spring MD: Gryphon House, 2006)

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