3 Icebreakers with GAFE


Icebreakers are a great strategy to get to know students at the beginning of the year. Here are some ideas on how use Google Apps for Education (GAFE):

1. Google Drawings:

  1. Have students draw themselves now and how they will look once they graduate.

  2. Create a pet that has special powers.

  3. Draw your favorite fruit and turn it into your imaginary best friend.

2. Google Slides:

  1. Have each student create one slide that will be part of a story. Put the slides together into one Google Slide and laugh at the twists and turns the story takes.

  2. Have students take a selfie of themselves using their chromebook, tablet, or phone cameras. Upload the photo to picmonkey to add funny hats, clothes, and speech bubbles. Have students add their image to a slide. Show the silly slides to the class. Don’t forget to add a teacher slide!

3. Google Docs:

  1. Students write the lyric of a song that describes their lives. Have them come up and share it. If YouTube is accessible to students at your school, let them find a music melody that will go with their song. Insert the YouTube link to the Google Doc.

  2. Four pictures: students look for 4 images that describe their interests and personality (school appropriate, of course). Insert them into a Google Doc. Student shares the doc with a partner and vice versa. Students discuss what they have and try to find something they like or would like to do that they both share. They both add an image to represent that. Next, they find a different partner and do the same thing. Let the students do this for a few minutes and then debrief on the experience.

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