5 Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers


Google Chrome is more than a fast browser. It can become a game-changing part of any teacher’s workflow when used with the right extensions. With new extensions added daily, you can find onefor nearly anything at theChrome Web Store.

The extensions highlighted below were the first five I installed after recently switching to a new computer. They are essential to my daily workflow as a teacher, and I also recommend all of them to my students.

One Tab

onetab browser extension

I typically have at least five tabs open at any given time; often times that number is closer to ten. While my multi-tab browserisfairlyreflective of how my mindworks, it isn’t exactly a great thing for browser speed. That’s where OneTab comes in handy. OneTab is able to close all of my tabs with just one click, and neatly leaves me with a list of the sites I had open. Any, or all, of these tabs can be restored with just one click. I can save the list or share it as a web page. I can now speed up my browser without fear of forever losing the great sites that I happened upon.


What do you do when you come across something you want to read, but don’t have time. You could bookmark it, but then your bookmarks become a mess in a hurry. Emailing a link to yourself isn’t exactly an efficient solution either. With ‘Save to Pocket,’ you can save an ary page for later reading with one click. Pocket makes your saved content viewable across all of your devices, even when you’re offline.


Snagit is one of my favorite tools for screen capture and screencasting. It’s a great way to capture and annotate screenshots (perfect for creating illustrated tutorials). It’s also a great tool for creating videos for the flipped classroom. One click of the extension instantly brings out the toolbar on the right side of your browser. A page automatically opens where you can annotate images or preview video. Images and videos are automatically synched to Google Drive. You can upload videos directly to YouTube in addition to sharing links to images and video in Google Drive.


Some sites are so cluttered with distracting images and ads that they are virtually impossible to read. Clearly removes the clutter, leaving you with just text. In addition to making websites easier to read, you can also use the Clearly extension to highlight the page, print, or save it to Evernote.



For a free, online photo editor PicMonkey is pretty hard to beat. The PicMonkey Chrome extension makes it even easier to use. Click the PicMonkey extension on any site to bring up a sidebar containing all of the images on that site. Clicking on any image will open it up in PicMonkey for editing.

What are your must-have browser extensions?

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