“I’m tired.”

“I’m tired.” This simple, honest statement was made by a teacher in my elementary building at a recent committee meeting. The teacher’s comment was echoed by others in the committee, and to be honest, was echoed by me as well. February and March are long months, and not just for teachers, students, and principals in […]

Cookie Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences were conducted last week. These meetings always give me a little better insight into the lives of my kids. In addition, conferences often help me to realize a thing or two about myself as well. Teaching is not just about standing in front of a classroom and dispensing information. More importantly, it is […]

That Kid at the Back, First a Scholar, Now Rocket Scientist!

Are you ready for a miracle? Tonight I am thrilled to tell you the most amazing news! Miracles do happen. Here’s one. This is Steffen’s Story! There is always a kid at the proverbial back, that one kid. The one who needs us most for a variety of reasons, maybe social, emotional, academic or simply […]

Power to the Early Childhood Profession Sometimes Requires Difficult Choices

Today, I prevented a family childcare provider from receiving her CDA credential. But, it wasn’t without careful deliberation and soul-searching, I will tell you. My observation duties for the Council for Professional Recognition usually involve center-based programs, so when I got this assignment, I was excited to see how family childcare homes are faring these […]

Taking Another Look at Reading Fluency. Valentine’s Gift!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know it’s a little early, but getting close. So bringing you a special gift today, re-visiting how to help kids become capable, confident readers. Like anything else, everything starts somewhere, and I’m suggesting that more knowledge of foundational skills is critical to reading success, schoolhouse and home. Fluency is a big […]

They Don’t Know Much About History

In the Lou Adler/Herb Alpert/Sam Cooke song, “(What a) Wonderful World,” the love-struck dreamer sings, “Don’t know much about history…” He later makes this assertion: “Don’t know much about the middle ages, looked at the pictures then I turned the pages, / Don’t know nothin’ ’bout no rise and fall, don’t know nothin’ ’bout nothin’ […]

‘I Wish You Well’ – 4 Sucky Words in the Education Space

I wish you well. The 4 words that you use when you don’t know what else to say, the 4 words you hate to hear if you’re on the receiving end, the 4 words in education where we pretend that we really care about someone. This past year, I have come out and shared about […]


When I was in the seventh-grade in the early seventies, my writing teacher was a young, “hip” guy who stood out from the older teachers in our grade level. In retrospect, he had some serious flaws in his educational delivery. That could explain why he only lasted one year. One of this teacher’s rules was […]

Turn the Page

Say: “Turn to page 23. Look at the picture. Read the words. What do you think?” (Wait for responses. Wait 20 seconds. Students should say that they see a truck driving over a cliff). Say: “Good thinking. The truck is speeding toward a cliff, and the driver cannot stop it.” Say: “Turn the page.” Canned, […]

What Does Community Engagement Look Like?

As the Northern Hemisphere returns to school, school staff should reflect on the ways in which they have interacted with parents/carers and the community at large in the first half of the year.  As the Southern Hemisphere plans to return to school over the next few weeks, school staff would do well to reflect on […]

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