A Summer Creativity Transfusion


WhenHarold and the Purple Crayonwas published in 1955, kids everywhere (including me and my brothers) sattoo long on our fannies watching TV. Maybe author Crockett Johnson had a few TV addicted kids of his own, so he wrote a story about alittle boy who creates a big adventure with just an oversized crayon and his imagination. The book’s still in print because parents are still hoping to inspire their kids tounplug and be creative. sigh.

Summer shouldgive kids a break from prescribed learning and a golden pass to let their imaginations get the better of them. Typically, though, when school let’s out, students on vacation often settle into a predictable diet of screen time all the time. As an app developer I know there are loadsof creative apps for kids, but oftenthe most creative playtime involvesno tech. Ask Haroldand his 21st century real-life counterpart… Caine Monroy.

Afewsummers ago Caine (then age 9) went to work each day with his dad who owns a used auto parts shop in East Los Angeles. There wasn’t much for Caine to do, but there were plenty of cardboard boxes. So Caine decided to use his imagination and his hands to createhis own fun. And boy, what he made was amazing! The response he got from everyone who saw it even more incredible!

So grab your kids and together watchCaine’s Arcade(10 min) andCaine’s Arcade 2: From a Movie to a Movement(8 min). Be prepared to be blown away with delight as one little boy shows children and adults that we already have what it takes to make our own fun and to get others to play along.Learn about theGlobal Cardboard Challenge.Thentalk about how your familycan make this yourmost creative summer ever. Got any empty boxes lying around?

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