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  1. What is your connection strategy?
  2. Have you moved beyond counting the people you reach to “engaging” the people that count?
  3. Do you have a plan for building loyal customer relationships?
  4. Is your brand awareness, market share and market penetration expanding or contracting?
  5. Is being the recognized leader in your category part of your business plan?

In the highly fragmented education community, you will be hard-pressed to find a single source that has a wide range of high quality, real-world relationships with educators and education leaders. Indeed, it’s the scope and quality of our real world relationships here at BAM Radio Network that uniquely positions us to help introduce your products and services to the people across the education community who make, control or influence the buying decisions of millions of dollars of goods and services. But they are not just a number to be targeted or clicks to be counted. Far from impulse buyers, they are increasingly savvy consumers.

We can help you tailor a sound connection strategy to engage these potential customers at each stage, with relevant messaging that addresses their particular needs and interests.

Ask us about how you can we can introduce your brand in a very personal way and help you build more relationships with the people that count. Contact us today.

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