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With the school year going into full swing, so are many of the weekend September festivities; festivals, football, and fall TV. For educators, it is also a time for weekend conferences, workshops, and edcamps.

Ever since becoming a Superintendent, I have been faced with the same questions at least once a week; below is a simple Q & A for you.

“Why do youstill participate in EdCamps, conferences, and weekend workshops?”

Simple answer:because I enjoy them. I enjoy learning atthese workshops. I enjoy learning from others and with other. I enjoy networking. Most importantly, I enjoy seeing how other students are learning and how I can harness their triumphs for my students and teachers.

Yes, some conferences are the sameol‘ sameol‘.I don’t go to those.

Yes, I often run into a lot of the same people. So? Chances are those people are a part of my PLN (personallearning network) and I learn more from them than anything else.

Are those folks that do all of these conferences or tweets in some cult or clique?Eh, some of them. Just because we are on Twitter or the 18,000,000 other avenues of social media does not mean we all get along – or should for that matter. Difference is good. Everyone doing the same thing…. bad. The movers and the shakers always find each other; not for popularity, so they can grow together. Anyone who is too cool to say hi to you or spends theirtime spewing slander?Drop ’em like French class(who remembers that movie?).

Do you feel bad is you miss one?LOL – no. There were some conferences /edcampsI got to go to and experience. Some were great, some weren’t. In some cases, I served on the organizing committee. You do your time, and you move on. If it truly speaks to you, you stick around. It’s not mandated by nay means. There are scads of conferences andedcampsthat I’ve partaken in and don’t partake in now. It’s not a game changer if I don’t go or help out – and it never should be. If anyedcampor conference is built around one person, there’s a big problem.

How do you get the time?That’s the tricky issue these days. I have an amazing family at home, and my 18-month-old twins require much time and talent. That, and I want to spend as much time with them. Family first, always.

What if you go alone?Who cares? You are going for you; I work the same way. I’m here to learn something. If I don’t learn, it’s a waste of my time.

Seriously, you really enjoy this stuff THAT much?Hell yeah. Education is my passion; it’s what drives me. I am a fearless workhorse who wants nothing more than to have every available option for my studentsand staff so they can learn. I want our students to be productive members of society. Those students will be taking care of me down the road; why would I not want the best for them?

Until the next conference,edcamp, or whatever the next big thing will be…

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