Dive in: 5 Things to Think About When You’re Planning for Early Learning Online

There aren’t many superlatives left to describe the times we’re living in: unprecedented is pretty much worn out by now.  But thread-bare though our adjectives may be they are nevertheless apt.  Most people alive today have never experienced anything like this pandemic and even those who can remember living through quarantines have never experienced something […]

Moments. Reflections. Leaving Footprints On Your Reading Hearts

  Moments. Reflecting. Maslow before Dewey and Bloom.  It’s been awhile since I last wrote for us, and I am profoundly sorry for that. I wasn’t there for you, and I should know better. Because I’ve been through so many trials and tribulations in my life of every sort, I could have modeled calm, but […]

Leading By Example, Together We Are Strong!

I write for us when I have something to say, something I think will inspire, motivate, inform, persuade or entertain. I write to relieve stress and make sense of things, as I am doing today. I always say writing is like breathing, it sustains me. That said, this time of year I should be writing […]

You’re a Teacher and You Matter!

Let’s be honest with ourselves here. I bet I’m not the only one who can identify with pretty much all of these: You use up all your time and energy and there never seems to be any left over for you. You put everyone’s needs before your own. You have tried to incorporate self-care into […]

Relationship Building Is Not a Consequence

The most recognizable feature of a happy, well-running classroom is the presence of positive teacher-student relationships. When those relationships exist, student behavior and student learning are both greatly enhanced. The concept of building relationships is nothing new. Most teachers realize that students who feel appreciated, validated…loved…will do almost anything they are asked to do. For […]

It’s Mesmerizing! Hypnosis and Self-Care Go-Togethers!

I need to calm down. The relentless din in the outside world is taking its toll, way beyond self-care. We need to be quick change artists, making a collective commitment to calm ourselves, gain perspective, take risks and overcome obstacles. It’s one thing to have a positive mindset, another to cope with unrelenting stress way […]

3 Things to Remember When Helping Students Living With Trauma & Toxic Stress

The hammering, sawing and drilling next door was more than I could stand. I had planned on a peaceful and relaxing day. Instead what I got was an experience that I won’t soon forget and one that has helped me rethink the effects that childhood trauma and toxic stress can have on our students’ emotional […]

I’m tired…

“I’m tired.” This simple, honest statement was made by a teacher in my elementary building at a recent committee meeting. The teacher’s comment was echoed by others in the committee, and to be honest, was echoed by me as well. February and March are long months, and not just for teachers, students, and principals in […]

Cookie Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences were conducted last week. These meetings always give me a little better insight into the lives of my kids. In addition, conferences often help me to realize a thing or two about myself as well. Teaching is not just about standing in front of a classroom and dispensing information. More importantly, it is […]

That Kid at the Back, First a Scholar, Now Rocket Scientist!

Are you ready for a miracle? Tonight I am thrilled to tell you the most amazing news! Miracles do happen. Here’s one. This is Steffen’s Story! There is always a kid at the proverbial back, that one kid. The one who needs us most for a variety of reasons, maybe social, emotional, academic or simply […]

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