Patching the Playhouses

Here is the story of a natural building project I love…   If you aren’t familiar with natural building, it is, basically, using natural, non-manufactured materials to create soul-soothing, sculptural structures.  My favorite is earth-building, which uses in various combinations, a mixture of clay, water and sand, along with a fibrous material (grass, straw or […]

Who Plants the Garden? The 2011 DC Schoolyard Garden Tour

From coast to coast, this is school garden tour season!  This week I’m bringing you news of another city where exciting things are happening for kids.  I visited 7 wonderful DC school gardens on a recent rainy Saturday.   The theme of this year’s tour, which capped off a school garden week full of workshops, […]

Nine Nifty Ideas from San Francisco Green Schoolyards

1. Nature inspired poetry displayed on a long clothesline makes a great literary focal point in the garden. 2. At this school, the side of the shed provides wall space for nature facts, schoolyard information and art displays. 3. An outdoor sink with a simple hose hookup and a drain just opening onto the ground […]

The International Green Schoolyard Conference: What do we have NOW? What do we WISH for? What ACTION will get us there?

Let me begin by saying that Engaging Our Grounds: The International Green Schoolyard  Conference was a powerful gathering.  I just counted and I have 64 pages of notes and more than 300 pictures from 2 days of talks and site visits, so clearly this will take more than one post to describe.  There were brilliant […]

Welcome to the very first EarlySpace blogpost!

Children need nature.  Here in the Capitol area we are rediscovering that in a big way.  Natural play and learning are coming to DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Teachers are learning about how to teach outdoors and how to support outdoor learning; schools and children’s programs are creating green schoolyards and natural play spaces; and […]

Twenty-First Century Skills, Common Core, and Sports: The Connections

Jeffrey Pflaum, blogger on BAM, is also hosting CREATIVELY SPEAKING on the network’s new show, PULSE (category: “Classroom Innovation”).  Please check out the 12-minute podcasts on creativity, creative- and critical thinking, EI, social-and-emotional learning, and more.   Twenty-First Century Skills, Common Core, and Sports: The Connections For thirty-four years I taught prerequisite fundamental skills (Twenty-First […]

Twenty-First Century Skills, Common Core, and Sports: The Connections

Twenty-First Century Skills, Common Core, and Sports: The Connections For thirty-four years I taught prerequisite fundamental skills (Twenty-First Century skills) for learning and learning how to learn—creative and critical thinking, brainstorming, reflection, visualization, concentration, contemplation, and emotional intelligence—to mostly Hispanic and African-American kids using my original curricula.  As a basketball coach, tennis instructor, physical education […]

Education Technology – The Learning Paradox

Recent evidence indicates that electromagnetic radiation emitted from electrical devices such as computers, wireless internet, and cell phones is hazardous to human mental and physical health. As children’s bodies undergo rapid rates of development, their risk of harm is great.  Without knowledge or guidelines for long term student safety, elementary schools have invested heavily in […]

What Should You Expect of Younger Keyboarders?

  Before I answer that question, let’s back up a step and answer a more fundamental question: Should you expect youngers to keyboard? I’m talking about students between kindergarten and fifth grade. Are they mature enough? Do they have the fine motor skills required to use the pinkie to push the A key? Do they […]

Connected Children

In this day and age, when you hear the word “connected” or think about “being connected,” you more than likely think about being connected online or to some kind of multi-media device. But if you are like me (a true technophobe—it stressed me out to create this blog), you will be relieved to know that […]