Can I Borrow a Quarter?


Technology always moves at the speed of exhaustion, but didyou know about the LifeLine Modernization Act of 2016?The super short version: the 226-page act provides those families that live in poverty to qualify for a $9.75 internet grant for each home.

So what?

Well…the same exact families are also qualified for reduced rates (Free / Reduced Lunch rates under USDA) at all national cable companies for $10.00 a month.


Those families can get broadband internet for25 centsa month!

Awesome, right?

The essential problem: how many families living in poverty are actually made aware of such an offer? Few. Why? Cable companies are not advertising this (nor do they have to), and most schools are unaware of it. Those folks have to call the cable company and provide proof that they are in poverty. They also have to mention the landline grant to get the service. The cable companies are responsible for everything else.

Sounds easy enough, but for a family in poverty, it’s not the easiest thing to do. We need to spread the word. All schools and all public entities should know about this. Help bridge the gap – share with all!

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