“Can I Have A Happy Thought, Please?” Can This Stop A Bully?


The phrase, “Can I Have a Happy Thought Please?” is an easy and effective way for children to stop a bully. It is tried and true! I have been teaching children to do this for years. The positive thought and energy stops the negative energy and there are many ways for a bully to act or reply. He/She can say they are sorry. They can try again and get the same response, “Can I have a happy thought, please”, and then turn away. They can turn away the first time. Eventually, they don’t bother you at all. Why is this so?

Energy is an interesting phenomenon. Positive energy is very powerful and this phrase is a positive response to a negative action. The response is unexpected and literally stops a bully in his tracks. The bully is not being attacked. The person saying this is no longer a victim and it is empowering for a child or anyone to have a way to counter a negative action towards that for the most part does not insight more bullying behavior.

So how do you know this works? Try it and see what happens when someone says a negative thing to you. See what the response is. Children love this and if they learn this at an early age…WOW!!! This certainly helps to reduce bullying and to re-frame it in a positive action.

Being bullied is devastating and we have way too much it today. It is worse than it used to be. Having been bullied for many years, I wish I had had this response in my repertoire. I just took it, swallowed it and experienced the unconscious negative outcome later in life.

Help me bring this awful behavior to an end and if we all take a step then we can outnumber and out energize the negativity that abounds. Each and every one of us can play a part!

Our YouTube channel will help you teach your children this simple solution with CJ and BowsKnows.



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