2179  Some resistance, especially in the beginning of a change process, is often caused because we're worried about ourselves... will I look competent, will people dislike me for doing it? - Carol Ann Tomlinson
3095  That young man who you do not believe in...start treating him like an all-star student and see how his behavior changes. - Dr. Anael Alston
2220  We have to change the culture before we can change the system. And our culture in education needs to be changed a great deal if we're going to move ahead. - Tom Whitby
1963  There's never been a change process that didn't have some bumpy roads in it, and a good leader looks for those signals and then talks with individuals, 'Tell me how you're feeling about this?' - Carol Ann Tomlinson
1437  Principals, your teachers must first trust in you before trusting in the change itself. - Nathan Lang, Ed.D.