Cultivating A Culture Of Mistakes (+ A Free Poster)


Happy Friday!

Or Saturday, depending on when you read this.

As school draws closer (or maybe already back to the grind?), teachers and administrators experience a renewed sense of purpose. We reflect on how to start the year off right and how we can do things better.

I have an ironic, but very true answer for doing things better. It involves making mistakes. Lots of mistakes!

I took a screenshot of something I found on Pinterest a while ago and decided to make it into a poster you, I, and the rest of the Universe can print and use in their classroom, office, or spaceship.

The poster is about promoting mistakes as a necessary part of learning. My hope is that all of us can use it to help Build a Culture in which Mistakes Are Expected, Respected, Inspected, and Corrected.

Check it out and click on the link below for a free high quality PDF download.

Hope you like and use it.

Download The Mistakes Are… Poster.

You have the power to change the world. Use it often.

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