Digital Storytelling with Powtoon


The PowToon Presentations Edu App is available in the Chrome Web Store. Students can easily sign in using the Google Plus single sign-on.

I had students watch this YouTube video first on how to make a PowToon

I gave students time to play with the different features of PowToon and become comfortable with it before assigning them work with it.

Then I told them to create a PowToon using 7 of the vocabulary words we were currently learning.

I let students pick the background, accessories, number of slides, etc. that they wanted and needed. Many of them asked, “how long does it need to be?”, and I would answer, “as long as you need it to be”.

Adding voiceover and music was optional, but encouraged.

When done, students clicked on save, then share. They copied the url address of their PowToon and submitted it through Google Classroom.

Student Example:

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