Fitting Fitness into the Curriculum

Experts and advocates recommend at least 1 to 2 hours a day of physical activity for children. But how do you fit it into your daily program, when there’s

 so much else for you to do? And what kind of physical activity should it be? Tune in; our experts have the answers.






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  • For information and resources related to developmentally appropriate fitness for young children, go to the website of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education:





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Blob Tag


Tag is a great game for promoting physical fitness – but not if it involves elimination! A simple modification to an old game keeps all of the children participating and active.


How to Play: Choose one child to be “It.” Everybody tagged also becomes It. The result is a cluster of children that keeps growing until there’s just one big “blob” running around together. The last person tagged is the first person to be It in the next round.


Another Way to Play: For a more challenging version, have tagged players hold hands with It and all others tagged.



You can hear more activity suggestions in the segment! Click here to listen!

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