For The Love Of ED: A Few Thoughts on Teaching


To be a teacher, you gotta love what you do. You can’t just get by on caffeine and girl scout cookies (don’t ask).

You really, absolutely, unconditionally have to love it, because, MAN it’s a hard gig!

It’s a Hercules meets Sisyphus effort. When your students are climbing Mt. Knowledge, you’re scaling Mt. Grading Stuff, and just when you think you’ve summited, the mountain gets higher still.

And then, there are many treacherous passes, steep inclines, and trying obstacles all along the way.

But, on those lucid days, when you come up to a clearing, it all suddenly makes sense and things come into focus, and what could have been suddenly is, and you realize that with every word you speak, and each step you take, you change the world…


You see: teaching, learning, and perhaps life itself are about more about the journey than the destination. If you focus on the process of learning first, the outcomes will take care of themselves.

So, FOR THE LOVE OF ED! Focus on teaching to teach, learning to learn, and living to live. It’s that simple 🙂

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