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Coding isn’t limited to just computer science classrooms. In the world we live in, computer coding skills and the reasoning behind it, are in high demand in the job market. Exposing our students to these concepts at an early age can help motivate their creativity, resourcefulness, and willingness to try to create new solutions to problems.

If you’re not a computer engineer and need help guiding your students, here are some ideas:
1. Code Studio- offers a free array of gaming concepts, levels of dificulty and interest.
2. Minecraft Edu- specifically tailored to the use of Minecraft in education. Provides opportunities to connect with other teachers and get ideas on how to incorporate Minecraft into your lessons.
3. Paper coding– Wade Gegan provides the downloadable pdf template and instructions for kids to paper code a space race.
4. Google Made with Code– gives practical ideas and projects with easy instructions. Kids see the connection between coding and creating real things.
5. Thimble by Mozilla– you can start from scratch or use one of templates provided and make it your own.
Scratch- easy drag and drop blocks to help kids code. Lots of examples.

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