Goodbye House: A Story About Moving

So go figure. I find everything else but the missing socks. Where do those socks go, anyway? Now that I finally tossed the odd ones, will the mates turn up?

I’ve never been so organized as since I moved into this tiny (to me) house, used to bigger spaces and maybe grander places. But for two years I rented this vacation house, not by the beach but in glorious green South Eugene, to be honest, really for my big poodle, Gus.

Right near old growth trails and ferns, dog parks, lots of places to explore. Deer and turkeys abundant. This area reminded me of my old California property. I thought this might be home. Check it out awhile, give it a test, then maybe buy it.

Even has an old chicken coop on the side, but I was asked not to use it. Made no sense to me, since barking dogs all around far noisier than chickens. Little house on terraced property. Inside 70’s architecture, interesting features, woody. I really fit in here and mixed it up, a combo of Eugenian hip, with old Chinese antiques.

Morgan’s sleepovers, plentiful, which of late are no big deal now. She’s a pro. Everything organized, dolls, blankies, and surprises. Six years old and now a firstie.

I love the book GoodBye House, ’86 by Frank Asch. Funny thing is I’ve been placing it around, all over the house to maybe generate a little interest. During night reading I showed Morgan the cute cover. No way. Doesn’t want to read it yet.

Hopefully we can read it next sleepover, before I take our sweet, crazy cozy little house apart, to move somewhere really special. Or maybe not read it. I’ll have her pack up all her stuff, like we’ve been talking about. However, we need one more time together, everything in its place here, the way she likes it.

To be honest, I have to make it easier for me, after this hard winter of freezing rain and losing my poodle. I do best with a wood stove or fireplaces. I’m not into coming home ever again to a 32 degree house and non-functional pellet stove. Especially with no power for a week.

Closer to my kids and school. By a river. I won’t need to play Soundscapes. Just open a door. A lot of valid reasons I won’t second guess. I just did not want to make anther move right now, but here I am, doing it. Figuring it out day to day.

This winter was a rough one, the last months more turbulent, choppy waters to navigate. Time to let go of this house. Make the effort for something new. Starting over, looking pretty rainbow to me. Permanent vacation, so many amenities and a kitchen big enough my take-out days are limited.

Still, hard for Morgan at six, with those two front teeth out and knowing every nook and cranny at my house. Properly placed stools, towels out, her “office” set up. She made centers of sorts, little maker spaces, Barbies, of course, her library and art area. She stashes stuff I find in weird places. Everything will be different soon.

Sometimes I wonder if she remembers Papa and our California mountain home. I know she loves the pictures and hears our stories. Life continues. Generations.

Mark Weston, Ph.D. recently posted on Twitter, a great photo of bike riders on a path. The accompanying quote by Albert Einstein is: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Darn profound.

Everybody moves.

Sometimes we just have to. My house is freezing all winter, about 6 months a year. Reason enough.

We move for change, renewal and growth. Lots of kinds of moves.

Sometimes we change schools, grade or content to stay fresh and challenged.

And lots more. Moving is change. Change is inevitable. Growth optional.

How I’m doing.

Ok. In the middle of the tunnel, but seeing some light. Behind on chats and reading blogs, or paying bills. Cleaning out every drawer. Hose connector broke and water spraying all over except on berries.

Our family has serious life stuff going on at the moment, so I’m feeling like Gumby, pulled in a couple directions. I’ve shed a lot of tears lately, then pop onto Twitter and Facebook and looking at silly posts and motivational photos like instant pep talks.

Year two at Preschool.

I stayed! I have ‘til mid- Sept. to get myself caught up. This year I know I can do a better job. I learned so much about teaching youngest children. I really miss the daily joy jolt of love. Our master teachers continue to mentor me.

Are you moving right now?

Ask your students.

Big changes. If you are at a high transient rate school, lots of moving kids, and maybe homeless, too.

Bunches of children are moving back and forth between parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Transitions and Moving.

It’s far easier to advise how to do necessary interim steps than to do it myself.

Making the list, checking it twice, or thrice, hoping Santa is good to me this year.

Self-care should be number one.

Take naps or breaks, whatever you like to do.

I did today, after a massage, long overdue, a chiropractic adjustment, then a two hour nap. Yesterday I spent an hour at the community acupuncture clinic.

I was crumbling, starting to feel overwhelmed. And rightly so. But this is not the night I want to talk about it. Feeling so positive and future ready.

Future pace. See, hear, feel it.

For me, I see myself no longer sticking my hand into a hole to turn on a valve to water side yard. Weeds, moss and what went with all this rain. Lugging pellet bags. I reframe myself, do my Pilates stretching and a lot of tapping and breathing.

Mindfully, I see myself recreating and repurposing, with more room, two fireplaces and best of all, the river. I hear the rapids like putting a seashell by my ear.

Morgan went a couple times to see where I was moving. She picked out her room (Not happening). Of course she wanted to be in the bedroom by the river, the fireplace room. Mine.

Her room will have favorite dolls, puppets, most of my antique school collection, the little brass bed. I see it already. So cozy. I can place Papa’s old desk in there. Morgan already started hiding her art supplies. She likes it! This will be her new office, with all its interestingly shaped special big and little little drawers and opened up, has a work area. Unlocked it. Smart move.

I thought I really needed that desk, filled with memories, but better it goes to Morgan. We just have to figure out the highest piano bench or chair to reach everything. But she’s crafty. A pillow or two may be needed.

Moving adventure.

Making a lot of to-do lists. Keeping just what’s necessary. If the other half of the coffee pot didn’t show up by now, it’s not going to. More donations to St. Vinnie’s.

Better buy shelf lining paper in bulk and not sticky stuff I can never measure right, and get it stuck together. Notify post office. Insurance. Oh no, I’m going to give myself a panic attack just thinking about the list.


Everything will be just fine.

Goodbye House

When all the furniture was packed in the moving van, Baby Bear said, “Wait a minute. I think I forgot something.” And he ran inside.

“Come on” said Papa Bear, “let’s say goodbye.” And he picked up his son and carried him from room to room. They said goodbye to the dining room… and the stairs. They said goodbye to the ceilings and the walls….

They locked the front door… and said goodbye to the whole house…. And as they drove away, Baby Bear said, “That’s what I forgot. I forgot to say goodbye.”

Wherever you are moving, or taking a road trip or vacation, just keep moving. Make sure to rest and have play time, too!

Happy summer to you all.

Leaving footprints on your reading hearts, Rita


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Rita! Blessings to you in this move. You have made beautiful memories in this home. I know you will continue to make more in the home by the river….wow by a river. Have a beautiful week!
Alana Stanton

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