Hacking Design Thinking For Education Part 3: Design Thinking In School


Think. Design. Create. Test. Analyze. Think. Design. Iterate. Test. Solve. Improve. Solve better.

Think you’re done? Think again!

The Design Thinking Process is really a cycle that looks something like this:

Take the iPhone. Apple releases a new model every year. Why? Profit of course! But, each version is better. It offers something new. Something desirable. Something that solves a past problem and improves the user experience.

So, the next time you create something, take a deep breath and realize that it can be improved. In fact, if you don’t improve it, someone else will! iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone on the market, but as of August 2, 2016 4:32 PM is THE SMARTPHONE on the market. It is debatable if the iPhone is the best device of its kind, but it’s undeniable it is the most popular. At least in the US.

Why? Design Thinking My Friend. Design Thinking.

If that doesn’t convince you to TEACH YOUR STUDENTS THE DESIGN THINKING PROCESS, I give up…


Today, I use a chemistry example to show you how to teach Design Thinking. You can easily apply it to geography, math, or gym. Or Jim Shoe. Just kidding. If your last name is Shoe, don’t name your next son Jim. Please…

Here’s Part 3: Design Thinking In School. Enjoy!


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You Have The Power To Change The World. Use It Often.

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This is good thinking. We need this lesson more and more. Remain blessed. We need drastic change from our old system of thinking and understanding.

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