Have You Ever Wanted To Do Something Big?


Eight thousand eight hundred and forty eight and it’s go time.

No time like the present.

Rock, ice, wind in your face.

Eyes squinting, hands frozen, toes freezing.

Can’t breathe, oxygen is low. It’s called the death zone you know.

Will you stay the course, carry on, go for broke?

Behold Chomolungma, the Goddess Mother of the World.

The grandest peak of them all.

The pinnacle. The ultimate goal.

Embrace it and you have endured it.

Scale it and you have subjugated it.

Conquer it and you have crushed it.

So What Is Your Mount Everest?

Have you ever wanted to do something big? Something important? Something fulfilling?

Climbing Everest is impressive to say the least, but it’s not on everybody’s bucket list. We all have big things we dream of doing though. Maybe it’s not listed on an official bucket list, but everyone has that one thing they secretly, or perhaps overtly, want to do. The one thing that will make life oh so much more meaningful. Or better. Or both.

Maybe you’re already doing it. If so, that’s awesome! But perhaps you’re still hesitating. Or maybe you are moving on to the next big thing and would like some help making it easier to get going.


Wish granted. I’ll be your travel agent. My services are free.

Let’s Plan Your Journey

Imagine no one can stop you. Now believe it. The only person who can stop you is YOU.

It does not have to be a full on sprint up the mountain. In fact, you are more likely to give up if you set out to do too much too soon. Your brain likes smaller chunks. Information overload is similar to having too many apps open on your desktop. First you slow down. Then you freeze. Small steps.

5 Steps To Everywhere

1. Write down what your one big thing is in the center of a sheet of paper. That’s the most crucial step. You see, once you write IT down IT’s made ITS way into REALITY. No going back. No punking out.

2. Write down all the smaller things your one big thing involves. (OPTIONAL: Write down other things to keep in mind that are not connected or loosely connected to your project.)


3. Prioritize. Write a “1” next to each smaller thing that should be considered/done in the first stage. Write “2” and “3” next to the tasks/concerns that will follow stage 1.

4. Now grab a new sheet of paper or start a fresh journal page and make 3 lists out of your 1s, 2s, and 3s. Put check boxes next to each item.


5. Focus and work on list #1 until around 90% of it is done. Why 90%? There will be some overlap with other lists etc. (see below). You can prioritize each list or simply work on 1 item at a time. Repeat for lists #2 and #3.

Be flexible. It’s okay to move things around between your 3 stages. You might notice that some things are more pressing or less important as you keep working through the project. Also, a few things might be important throughout each stage as life happens and you want to, for example, still have a family when you’re all done.

As you are working, you will be learning, which is why taking on such big projects is so awesome and fulfilling! That means that you will end up adding things to the list and perhaps outsourcing some of them. YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL ALONE, SO ASK FOR AND ACCEPT HELP.

Putting check boxes next to each item works! You get that awesome feeling of accomplishment once you take care of even the smallest of tasks. And, it motivates you to keep going. Yes, the list is big, but each box is small. Focus on each little box. Do the deed. Check it off. Be proud.

My Mount Everest

My wife and I started dating shortly after the New Year 2000 celebrations. Don’t worry. This is not about to turn into a steamy romance novel. Wrong blog. This story is about promises. Promises to ourselves that is. Broken, unfulfilled promises. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO WRITE A BOOK. I kept saying it for years and my wife would remind me of my flakiness toward many things by using this particular example.

“You promised you’ll take the garbage out. It’s just the same as with you writing a book.”

“You said you will vacuum after work. You didn’t, just like you didn’t write this book of yours.”

“You swore that you will go to the post office. Remember your book? It’s still in your head.”

I failed to write a book many times. It was because of fear. I didn’t realize it then, but I know it now. I was afraid. Hiding. Shying away. Making excuses.

And then I realized that I must accept it, face it, and take action to overcome fear. It was up to me all along. I just needed to start. Take the first step. Start scaling my Mount Everest. You see, my Mount Everest was not writing the book, but it was taking a good hard look at myself and taking steps toward overcoming what has hindered me all my life: Anxiety. Fear. Being Exposed.

Now, I am naked. All of the protective layers stripped. Diving head first into the uncharted waters. And though I am uncertain what the future holds, I am choosing to love it.

Start Today

C’mon. Number 1 is EASY. Do it.

Eight thousand eight hundred and forty seven. Keep climbing.

Can you start Number 2? Sure you can. Do it.

Eight thousand eight hundred and forty six, forty five, forty four… Don’t look back.

You have begun your climb. Keep going. Life will never be the same again. Accept it. You will be stretched and challenged. Embrace it.

But I promise you this: You will love it.


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this article and find my template for accomplishing BIG THINGS useful. It works! I used it to write my first book: “Crush School: Every Student’s Guide To Killing It In The Classroom” which I hope will provide students with a template for learning more effectively, overcoming anxiety, and realizing that they can accomplish big things. I am proud to announce that it is now available on Amazonhere.

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