I’m a Teacher You See…


I’m a teacher you see…

I am whatever I need to be

Whoever I want to be

Whenever I chose to be

Sometimes, I’m the facilitator

Often, the content creator

Always the learning moderator

At times, a color commentator

I’m Pablo Picasso multimedia creator

And Albert Einstein the mind agitator

I am Marco Polo the navigator

And Charlie Darwin the perpetrator

I am Sigmund Freud the analyst

And Ludwig von Beethoven the catalyst

I’m Mahatma Gandhi the pacifist

And Friedrich Nietzsche the nihilist

Sometimes, I’m like my students…

The ultimate procrastinator

Too cool for school operator

Distracted smartphone manipulator

I forget stuff

Sometimes I’m late

I don’t sleep enough

Some days are rough

But I’m the keeper of the gate

I learn and educate

I’m a teacher you see…

Whatever could have been will be

This I promise thee

They can try, but can’t stop me

My mission?

Be human

Be me

Set minds free


This rap is dedicated to all teachers. I hope it strikes a note with you. Please share it to inspire others. Thank you for changing the world! All it takes is one action, one smile, and one life at a time. My goal is to write/feature one original and inspiring poem, rap, or short piece per week in a new vlog named: “EDRAPS.” Please subscribe to myNEWSLETTER if you would like to be notified when the new one drops. It might be funny or it might be serious, but I promise you that it will move you. Thanks for reading and remember: You Have The Power! Use It.

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