Innovation Doesn’t Have to Be Complex: A Simple Tip to Make Practice/Review More Meaningful

math worksheet

How can I learn about my students and help them review concepts in a way that is engaging, empowering, and helps them build relationships?

Help students review and practice while observing students’ skills as formative assessment by using a technique called “Answers Around the Room”. Students complete a worksheet-type practice set, and the answers to the problems are posted around the classroom. The students complete a problem and then get up to find the answer. If they cannot find the correct answer, they can find their mistake or ask a friend or the teacher for help.

This simple “hack” for a worksheet gets students moving, creates natural breaks in the work, encourages them to support each others’ learning, and is much more need-satisfying for students than to silently complete a worksheet in a traditional way.

Think of ways you could extend the activity to make it even more fun and meaningful:

Students could get a “clue” with each problem that helps them solve a puzzle

Post a “get to know you” question on each answer and students ask different classmates after every correct answer.

Keep it simple or stretch your imagination and creativity–the sky is the limit and your students will love it!

(I observed this technique in the classroom of @MissWells113. Her students were so engaged and LOVED practicing this way.)

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