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Twitter is quite possibly the best source of professional learning for educators and educational leaders – it’s free, it breaks barriers of time and space and it’s full of thought leaders who show innovation and leadership in real time and in real settings. School leaders are finding more and more connections with like minded – and unlike minded – folks who affirm that which works and who challenge that which can work better! In the school district where I serve as the superintendent of schools, @DPS109, we celebrate and showcase innovation and learning via the #engage109.

As a Twitter fan and supporter, it is empowering to learn from so many around the country and world on a regular basis. Twitter chats, like #suptchat for superintendents allow idea sharing, professional learning and overall growth and support for students at all levels (P-20).

The main goal for superintendents and all school leaders, educators, teachers, school service personnel, etc. is for STUDENT LEARNING and GROWTH. The eyes on the prize as shared before is on student support, student learning and community engagement and teacher training and development and learning!

Introducing a monthly superintendent communication opportunity for us to own the message about what’s right with education – celebrate our leadership using #ASuperDay on Twitter – the 3rd Wednesday of every month

This year, principals around the country started to use #APrincipalsDay to share/celebrate highlights of their work. New Jersey Superintendent Scott Rocco, @ScottRRocco has introduced the idea of #ASuperDay for superintendents to do the same.

#suptchat is always held on the first Wednesday of the month. 3rd Wednesday is dedicated to #ASuperDay.

All you need to do on the #ASuperDay is tweet about what you are doing throughout your day and include the hashtag #ASuperDay. This will help us recapture the national story about the important, relevant, and powerful work that we all do on a daily basis.

Please spread the word and tell your friends and colleagues. Let’s get #ASuperDay trending all day! Also use #LeadExcellence, AASA President Dave Schuler: “We must find time to transcend, dream & lead. Please share how you are doing this with #leadexcellence. Let’s take back the agenda.”

Your friends at #suptchat,

@mikelubelfeld @npolyak @ScottRRocco

Check out an audio of an #ASuperDay conversation on Blog Talk Radio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dps109superintendent/2015/03/18/asuperday-mid-day-reflections-from-a-monthly-superintendent-communication

I originally posted this on my blog: http://dps109supt.edublogs.org/

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