Loser Teacher

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Maybe I AM a loser teacher.

I mean, why would a successful person stay with a low-paying job for thirty-six years?

Why would someone get to work every day ninety minutes before the kids and stay ninety minutes after they leave, only to go home and spend another two to three hours grading and planning?

Why would someone try to get a child to understand, to achieve, to progress when sometimes that process takes weeks, even months?

Why would someone endure the rude insults of children who don’t even want to be there…and the rude comments of their parents as well?

Why would someone allow a child with severe behavioral issues to come back into the classroom another day?

Why would someone spend a large portion of their own funds to provide supplies for their students when that money could be used to provide for the needs of his own family?

Why would someone ignore his own health needs to adhere to an assessment calendar?

Why would someone show up every day knowing that the safety of his students has been severely breached and totally ignored by those who could make a difference?

Why would someone stick with a career that politicians, their children, and their constituents deem as unworthy?

Why? Because I don’t want the children I teach to grow up to be losers.

I want my students to know that THEY are worthy…that they are loved…that they are capable of success…that they can make a difference in this world.

Otherwise, we are all losers.

Copyright, Tim Ramsey, 2019.

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