Managing Teacher Stress: Increase the Positive, Decrease the Negative

Many people wonder why teachers – especially early childhood teachers – would be stressed. But, often, even the teachers wonder why they are feeling stressed, when education is a field they entered out of love. There are good reasons for those feelings and solutions to getting past them. Tune in here to learn more.



To Read

Keeping Your Smile: Caring for Children with Joy, Love, and Intention by Jeff A. Johnson


Finding Your Smile Again: A Child Care Professional’s Guide to Reducing Stress and Avoiding Burnout by Jeff A. Johnson


“Stressed Out” – article on causes of stress and how to relieve it from the National Education Association


How Do You Spell ‘Stress Relief’?” – from Education World


To Watch

“Stress Management: Simple Breathing Techniques”


Any funny video on YouTube! Here’s my favorite:


To Play

There’s nothing like laughter to relieve stress! Play this hysterical game with your children and you’ll all be feeling great!


Belly Laughs

The children and you lie on your backs. Each player places his or her head on the belly of another player. When everyone is ready, you say, “Ha!” The child on whose belly your head rests must then say, “Ha-ha!” The third player then says, “Ha-ha-ha,” and so on, down the line until each player has contributed a “ha” to the process and everyone is giggling.


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