Managing Teacher Stress With Coloring


A teacher’s day is full of a lot of stress. We’re responsible for the well-being of 30 or more students. We have to inspire, guide, and nourish young minds. We have administrative duties and responsabilities. There’s also the grading and constant monitoring of student progress. At times you will feel as though you can’t keep going, that you need a break. A surprisingly simple strategy is coloring.

Adult coloring has become a popular activity. Many book stores offer a section specific to adult coloring books. The designs of adult coloring books are more intricate and detailed. These books tend to have a lot geometric shapes and elements. You can use color pencils, crayons, markers, whatever you enjoy the most. Some books are even specifically designed so that you can rip-off the pages and then frame them.

As a teacher, your classroom probably already has the coloring supplies you need. You’ll probably just need to keep a coloring book or some coloring pages in your desk drawer.

I’ve attended school meetings where we were asked to color. At first I was a little confused by my administrator’s choice of activity, but I eventually realized that it got all of us to relax and focus on something other than our problems. We were jokingly fighting over the crayons, comparing our masterpieces, and laughing.


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