The Courageous Conversations Series: Welcome to My Bad with Jon Harper.  The show about how and what extraordinary educators learn by sharing their mistakes. We invite you to take the MYBad leadership challenge - Mess up, fess up, and share with us on My Bad.

I Was Trying to Be Good at Too Many Things

Jon Harper with Rob Sahli


My intentions were good but misguided. I was taking on more and more commitments while becoming increasingly less effective across the board.

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I Lost It, Became Defensive, and Pulled Out the Sarcasm: Bad Move

Jon Harper with Jennifer Gonzalez


Sometimes it's hard to recover with students when you get off on the wrong foot.  It's even harder when you take that foot and put it in your mouth. 

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I Was Quietly Seething at a Staff Member, So I Reprimanded Everyone

Jon Harper with Ken Williams


When I sent a blanket memo to my entire staff, I was actually just avoiding a painful discussion with one staff member.  Then I learned...

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I Assumed I Knew My Student, So I Called Her Out: I Was Wrong

Jon Harper with Trevor Muir


I didn't like a student's behavior in my classroom. Eventually, I called her out in front of the whole class.  Later I learned.... 

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I Kept Everything Bottled Up Until It Spilled out in School

Jon Harper with Alana Stanton


I hid my pain and didn't take time to grieve my loss. I thought I was doing the right thing until one day at school my suppressed emotions unexpectedly surfaced. I realized it was time...

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