My One Word 2017 – AWAKE!


No matter where you look on social media, you will undoubtedly see posts about how happy people are to see 2016 come to an end. The year was marred by issues of violence and brutality in all areas of our country, deaths of many people who contributed to society, the election of a demagogue to serve as our president, and too many other occurrences to list. It is easy to see whyso many people are eager to watch the calendar flip to a new year.

I understand it, but I don’t agree with it. 2016 was an interesting year for all of us. It was even more so for me. This was the year that I became fully awake. I immersed myself in the issues that we are experiencing in our world. I became more educated so that I could bring these lessons to the students and staff in my buildings. I stepped my game up and started tackling issues and questioning on a much more public level. It has not always been easy or well-received, but I committed to being awake and working to awaken others.

I appreciate 2016 for all that it has done. I recognize that 2017 brings a lot of uncertainty. Nobody quite knows what direction our country and world will move after January 20. We have no clue how the events of 2016 will impact us at home or in our schools. This can create fear and trepidation, but we must not succumb to that. Instead, we must be more brazen, more steadfast, and more daring to do everything we can for our families, our communities, and our students.

This is why my one word for 2017 is awake. I am a lot of things, but I am an educator first and foremost. This extends to my family, my students, my staff, my community, my social media networks, and wherever else I can make a positive impact. Last year was the tip of the iceberg for me. I am awake and plan on doing everything in my power tocreate positive change in our world.

I fully recognize that this year will be hard. We have no clue how difficult it may truly be, so we need to be ready for anything and everything. We need to keep our eyes and ears open, and our hearts. We mustbe informed so that we can keep our students informed. We need to recognize the differences in ideologies while also working to bridge the gap between people. Make no mistake, this will not be easy.

As educators, it is important for us to recognize that being awake and educating doesn’t just apply to the classroom. It extends far beyond the curriculum that we mustinstruct our students. We must be fearless and willing to take risks to move our students (and ourselves) out of their comfort zone. We must be willing to tackle the uncomfortable conversations & topics that are necessary for us to become truly awake and grow exponentially.

We have a platform to make a difference for the future of our world. This is not the time for us to shy away from these responsibilities. Instead, this is the time for us to awaken ourselves, our students, and all those around us. This doesn’t just apply to the current political shape of our country and the world. It means that we must be willing to discuss the most uncomfortable topics that are impacting our students in their own lives.

I already said that this will not be easy. It will not be pretty; raw, genuine conversations seldom are. But don’t our kids deserve it? Have a conversation about racial inequities and inequalities, poverty, depression, war, suicide, abuse, police brutality, politics, and whatever else your kids may need to talk about. These topics may not be included in your curriculum, but I can guarantee that you can find ways to incorporate these discussions into your subject. Don’t believe me? Just reach out and ask how!

We are at a crossroads in history now. We can move forward and go with the flow. We can stand still. We can retreat backwards and act like nothing is happening. We can turn left or right to avoid the topics and issues altogether. Or we can forget about the road and forge our own path to create real change. The choice is yours.

I choose to be awake. I choose to disrupt. I choose to lead by example. I choose to take risks to help advance my students and the world. I choose to support any person who works to do the same. I choose to help those who may need help waking up. I choose to be the change that I wish to see in this world. I choose to appreciate 2016 and embrace 2017, fully awake. What do you choose?



Wow! This is such a powerful post, Sean! Thank you for the reminder of just how important our roles as educators are, and it’s a responsbility we can’t take lightly. I look forward to learning from you in the new year.

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