New YouTube Channel: Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Young Children…Our Hope for a Better World

This world is one crazy place these days. We need to promote emotional intelligence more than ever. We certainly need to raise a new generation of children that have emotional brains that are developed to experience and share empathy, compassion, manage their emotions and appropriate relational skills.

This has been my goal and passion for over 35 years. I was a bullied child and young teen at home and at school. I did not know how to emotionally care for myself nor understand how to overcome those mean voices. It has taken me many years to understand my goodness and inherent worth and to navigate in a world that hardens the soul and neglects our oneness and uniqueness. My response to this has been to dedicate my life to the emotional well-being of childen and providing them with the tools and skills to remain connected to their goodness and worth.

I have chosen to use children’s playful and fun connection to characters. My characters speak to their lovability and enhance their feelings of goodness and worth. Disney characters provided me with a safe place to be who I am and I connected with them in a way that was not available to me with the people in my life. I will never forget this so embarrassing moment at the age of 38 when arriving at Disneyland in California and seeing Mickey Mouse. I stood their sobbing for it was like I had found my long last friend. Poor Mickey…he was not prepared to deal with me.

Please join me in helping to raise a new generation of children. Help me to make a difference in children’s lives in this world that doesn’t value our children and their inherent goodness. Take a few minutes to watch a few episodes and then pass this channel on to all the young children you know. If we are going to have our children using technology, let’s feel their minds and their souls with the voices that will surely help them to endure and to thrive.

I thank you for helping me. I have had so many people read my blogs in the last 3 years and I so appreciate it…please help me to pass it forward.


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